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Women, The Key to Rebuilding A Nation

A Woman can make a Man, But a Man can not make a Woman. This is valid on all levels, a woman is the first Teacher, Doctor, God, Caregiver, Giver of love as well as fear to every living human on this planet. That is why it is very important to restore the Self Esteem in our women so that we as a people can rebuild and take back what was taken from us.

Self-esteem plays a big part in the downfall of the queen mother. Women are more equipped to endure the issues and the problems of not just her household but collectively of a nation. She displays compassion at it’s greatest and mercilessness if necessary. You can not start a nation without a woman she is the nationality, she is the beginning. We go through the 7 stages of life while in the mother’s womb.

She is like a sponge she soaks up all of the issues of her family and makes the load lighter for everyone she is the protector. She is the first person that everyone runs to for the answer to fix things. If she does not have high self-esteem then she can only give what she has. She will begin to instill her low self-esteem not in only her children but in her husband or life partner as well. Loves Abundance, The Heart Chakra.

Once this occurs you will be looking at generations after generations of low self-esteem having people who will then, in turn, enable the people to rise. Poverty will completely consume them, they will move further and further away from a sense of self.

Women & Self Esteem

Self-esteem which brings about confidence and confidence being one of the few essential keys to success will not exist. Making people unable to survive in life. Confidence will give you the ability to sell honey to a Bee. It will give you so much love for yourself that that love pours over to your brother and sister. But if we constantly dismiss the Woman as being nothing more than a child bearer a sexual object then we are all doomed to failure.

When the women have high self-esteem she is at her best. Her vibrations are unbelievably high. And her naturing abilities are at their peak with no problem in her path that she can not handle. She will also instill those characteristics in those that she nurtures and so on to generations to come long after she was here. 85% of Women suffer low self-esteem and that is a very high number so it would be safe to assume what that will do to generations to come.

A Woman can make the Man, But the Man can never make the women he was not created with the equipment to do so. So I encourage my women to seek the journey of the self because we need you now more than ever. Men, be mindful how you treat all women because it will reflect in our growth collectively as a people.

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