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Why Spiritual Services Are So Expensive

Let’s talk about Why Spiritual Services Are So Expensive? When I first became a healer I was really excited it had been a very long journey. I was eager to help those closest to me. So like most New Healers I offered my friends and family free services. Now so yoyu can better understand as a reiki practioner we are not giving out energy to our client but we are a conduit for energy from a higher soirce to pass through us on to our client. In order for a session to be successful I believe that the practioner has to be on a high vibration. So here is the question Why Do You Care?

Spiritual Services

In order to maintain a high vibration you have to make sure to stay away from things that may lower that vibration. The main things that contribute to the lowering of one’s vibration is stress. Stress can come from any and everything you can possibly think of. The last thing we need to worry about is finacial issues. Yes! what we do required alot of time and time is money. We have to be able to formulate plans for you, do tons of resesrch. And not to mention you never really know everything about energy cause it it for ever changing. And each client we see is unique in their own way.

But most importantly what I found above all is that people respect money more than any thing. I have came to this because I’ve been the cheapest or lowest price Reiki practioner in the field before and guess what my free clients never took it serious. I spent so much time putting their plans together so that they can live a happier life and they would not do the work that was required. Any spiritual service will require the client to do alot of work we are only here as guides.

When a person spend three hundred or more dollars on them selves they will more than likely do the work that is required. When a client get a free services they never do the work  instead they will just want to keep coming to see you. I always get dm’s about how a client heard how affective my program is and would love to try but it just wasn’t wothin their budget. So, to test my theory I ran a post on instagram offereing my 6 month program which is usually cost 3500 dollars for free all you had to do was dm me foe further instructions. I got 50 or better responses and I replied to each and everyone.

The Exchange

As I promised the program would be free all that was required was a 800 word essay on the life they desired or are striving to obtain. 2 people out of 50 ( and I replied to all) actually did the work I reqiured to receive my services. Everybody wants healing but no one wants to put in the work. As practioner to better assit you I have to do the work and that requires time and time is money. I can’t speak for other healers but I choose this line of work because I want to help people like I have helped myself. And in ordr to do so It requires alot of time studing and researching and formulated taylor made programs.

Healers are human beings wilth bills and all type of everyday things to deal with. We learn how to constinatly keep our energy clear not only for ourself but for our clients. When you are trulely seeking healing for yourself your understand and suddenly the price win’t look so bad. But money is the small part healing yourself takes time, you have to put in the work and that is everyday no weekday and off weekends. Your healing journey is a 24/7 job that has to be done and it is worth every dime and all the time. But… I ain’t the one to gossip!

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