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Why Do You Care?

So, why do you care? Bet you can’t wait to figure out what I’m talking about huh? Well, before you say you don’t care let me expalin why I figured you did. I was riding down lenox rd the other day and I saw this guy walking down the street minding his own business. His sweat suit immediatly took me back to the 90’s cross colors era. It had colors all over the pants, the jacket was a perfect match. He rocked a metalic back pack and i’m not quite sure how the gucci shoes fit in the picture.

He had on some knock off Dre Beats. The confidence displayed in his walk let me kow he was feeling hisself. He actually inspired this post, when I saw him I was like “what the hell, oh hell nawl, why would he, I mean, who would.” By the time I reached the next traffic light I was checking myself. I said, ” Why do you care? Why does what he wears bother you so much?” Like really what he had on had absolutly no affect to my lively hood. I checked myself and I checked myself good.

I then began to think why do people care about the way others dress, or what others believe when it is of no concequence to them. It sometimes feel as though the need to have an opinion about others makes us loose focus on ourselves.

It’s like complainng about the girl who spends her money on designer clothes and lack the furnishing you think she should have inside her home; yet you do just enough to get by when you couold be doing way more. Or the guy who’s truth doesn’t align with yours and now your leaving long comments on his IG page to tell him how dumb his truth is; when on the surface you don’t represent what you so called believe in at all.

Has it ever dawned on you that life is about the individual journey and as much as we want to see change in the world as a whole, truth is change has to first happen on the indiviual level. For indiviaul change to occur it requires one to focus on self. And to focus on self takes alot of time and energy.

The time that is spent judging others must be focused on improving ones self. Athough you may not understand the why’s or the what’s when it comes to others just know this. Their journey is soley about them and the lessons and experience that they need and it’s not for you to understand because it has nothing to do with you.

Do you really care or are you judgeing others to make yourself feel like you have it all together when in reality you have you own mess to deal with. But instead you spend most of your time talkin about what others should and shouldn’t be doing. Think about it, If you really cared your opinion would come with a solution attached to it or some type of guidance.

So the next time you begin to formaulate an opinion about someone elses life stop for a second and ask you self, why do I care? but, I ain’t the one to gossip!

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