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Why Daily Affirmations Don’t Work

Let’s talk about Why Daily Affirmations Don’t Work

Do Affirmations really work?

How powerful can writing daily affirmations on the mirror or reciting them actually be? Daily Affirmations are one of those things that if practiced properly could potentially change one’s life. The trick to Affirmations for me is doing the work. the work that most of us forget about. I have seen so many people with Affirmations written on their bathroom mirror. After a few days, the affirmations are just there never to be recited or looked at again. The key to Affirmations is forming new mental habits. Those habits are not formed just by saying or looking at affirmations every day. How To Choose A Title For Your Copy

Daily Affirmations don’t work

Okay, you have 27 years or more of thinking you are not beautiful and waking up one day writing on your wall or mirror will unfortunately not restore your self-confidence. There are a few things that need to take place, first love is the only true emotion we were born with while fear is taught to us so. Every emotion is a derivative of one of the

2. Because you have gone so long feeling and believing you are not pretty and not feeling good about yourself. You have deeply embedded those feelings and thoughts. They are embedded so deep into you that at times you forget they are there and your way of thinking about yourself because of a normal life habit.

It reflects in your relationships and in your ability to be successful. This negative thought has now become an embedded part of who you are. You came across a book informing you of the power of Affirmations. It has instructed you to write them on the wall and speak them in your life every day and you give it a try. But it’s not long after you begin this journey do you realize it sounds better than it feels.


Positive affirmations for every day – words on multi-colored on paper for notes on a green background. Motivational concept with handwritten text.

Making Affirmations Work

The reason Why Daily Affirmations Don’t Work, you are not experiencing the magical experience of Affirmations is that just repeating these words will never be enough. You have given the negative emotion of not thinking you’re beautiful so much power that the affirmations are not strong enough to break through.

There are a few steps that need to take place and the first one is memory tracking, what this does is take you back as far as you can remember. Combing through all of the stored memories to figure out the root cause, the very thing or combination of things that contributed to this definite feeling.

Once you find the root cause it will be a breeze to work on erasing these negative emotions for good. Getting rid of this embedded emotion will take the power away and eventually leave it lifeless. The great thing is you don’t have to wait till the negative emotion is completely gone but get to the halfway point and then incorporate the positive Affirmations giving them the power they need to help cancel out the rest of the negative emotion.

It all boils down to doing the work, as much as we all want to just wake up one day and “voila” we are all positive and on the right track that isn’t how it works. Don’t cheat yourself trying to avoid working from the ground up cause you will find yourself running in the same spot never really making progress. LIke always I would love to hear from you so feel free and leave a comment.

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