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What To Do When You Feel Powerless

Feeling Powerless

Feel Powerless? If your anything like me and I know you are, then I know you don’t like being powerless. To be powerless is without ability, infliuence or power. Society has taught us that we have no power and the power we mistake for are own actually belongs to a separate intity. You have to have found your power to know when you feel without it.

Finding your power indicates that you are aware of the ability you have to control your journey. Now, this control is not limited to the physical aspect but also includes the spiritual as well. When you are a manifester like myself then you are use to using your power. Loosing A Parent|Does Time Really Heal?

Most are only aware of this power when they are focused on getting or creating something they want. But want to neglect the idea when they are getting stuff they didn’t want. This power that you posses is always with you and working. You determine the voltage you use. Although the feeling of being powerless is upon you I want you to take a moment and evaluate those feelings. Ask yourself why do you feel powerless?


Could it be that you have used your power to work against you and that makes you feel as though you are no longer in control? Your power is always with you and at this very moment you can feel back in power. All you have to do is take responsibility of your current circumstances and know that you have the power to change it just like you had the power to create it.

Taking responsibiility for your life is the first step in taking back your Power. Once you have made a conscious decisons to do so all power is restored and available for you to do as you see fit. Most of the time the trigger of not feeling powerful stems from the mind being your master instead of your servant. Know that even in the moments of feeling powerless your power remains.

And it’s always up to you to activated what’s needed. So the next time you feel powerless really study the feeling you have and take back you power. But you ain’t heard it from me cause I ain’t the one to gossip

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