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What Makes A Great Film Director

So, What makes a good director? Let’s first explorer what a Film director does. A Film director is a person who directs the making of a film. Controlling the artistic and dramatic aspects. Visualizing the script while guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfillment of that vision.

Traditional Vs Non-Traditional

Like you, I desire to be a Director of film. In my pursuit to find the best way to become the best director I’ve noticed the two different approaches. The first rather traditional way would be to go to film School. There are a lot of amazing film programs out there if you are in L.A, New York, or Georgia. However, film school these days can cost more than it cost to film a movie.

Speaking for myself I don’t do well in a classroom environment I am more of a hands on type of person. Non traditional would be your second option. This would be interning under an existing director or working for a film company and working your way up getting the hands son experience you need.

If I Had To Choose

If I had to choose on which one I think could most contribute to you being a great Film Director I would have to say non-traditional. Roy Kool wrote an amazing article on the the 10 reasons not to got to film school where he covers so good points. So, what makes a great film director? In my opinion I believe that a great film director is not only un apologetically creative but is very knowledgable in all departments of film making.

Since it is the directors job to bring the vision to life the director must be familiar with the what is required to make it happen. The Director should be knowledgeable about the different type of equipment such as cameras, lighting, scene, sound editing etc…

So,What Makes A Great Film Director?

For me it’s someone who is not only creative but someone who is also familiar with how each department works so that he/she can pull the exact energy from the script to the screen. The Director must manage all creative aspects of production while working with producers, who tackles the business end of films. From actors, editors, camera operator and sound engineer. A director must speak the language of each of them to successfully accomplish a film.

Creativity, Communications, Leadership and Management, Technical, Education and Training in real world time. These are all the elements that I feel makes a Director a Great Director.

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