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What Is Done In Love Is Done Well.

What Is Done In Love Is Done Well: Okay so as most know i am all about a good read so today instead of me writing what i will do is share a wonderful section out of one of my most favorite book ATTRACTING PROSPERITY THROUGH THE CHAKRAS BY CYNDI DALE.

What Is Done In Love Is Done Well

Every spiritual tradition promises that our needs will be met. . Whether you call this being God , the Source, the Divine, Christ, the Goddess, the Great Spirit, the Almighty, the Buddah, the Krishna, the Holy Spirit, or the White light. This being of unconditional love quit simply wants the best for you.

As Jesus says in the christian New Testament:

“consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, They have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!” (Luke 12:14)

“but seek and his kingdom and these things will be given to you as well.” ( Luke 12:31)

We are promised the necessities of life, indeed even affluence, with one caveat: “Seek the Kingdom.” This is not a religious undertaking. Seeking is a spiritual journey. one involving the full expression of your innate, divinely bestowed gifts and spiritual purpose. Your spiritual journey begins and end with the acknowledgment and expression of the spirit with in you.

Do It in

So basically what i am telling you today is when you find your Divine Major Purpose you tap into the spiritual realm of things you vibrate sole through the Love energy and therefore will be rewarded beyond measures.

When most people think of their purpose they search in relation to religion when in fact is has nothing to do with your religion beliefs at all. What it is telling you this whole life experience is a spiritual experience always remember; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

So your purpose is what you do that solely operates out of love whether it is doing hair, or repairing cars its all a feeling, but know the moment the love factor diminishes so will the rewards. Some people are doing what they do because they think they are just good at it, when the truth is it is what they love but they have no idea cause they never searched within. Some of us are totally opposite if you are not successful in what you are doing then it more than likely is not what you love love, you just doing it because you know how.

How do you know when you love love it? Or if its your divine major purpose? I’ll tell you how ! It’s simple you will feel it and most importantly you will become it. You will eat, sleep, drink, think, walk, talk it and that my dear will be what will reward you beyond measures….

Remember What Is Done In Love Is Done well……

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