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Time Anxiety: What It Is

Time anxiety: Yesterday I read a post that @Mahdiwoodard posted on instagram that said ” I took a mental health break day and I didn’t even mean to. Every time I’ve tried to do something on my list, It just wasn’t happening. So, I surrendered. Now I’m working on releasing the guilt that comes with feeling unproductive.” It was the last part about the guilt of feeling unproductive for me. If you are an entrepreneur like me then you may have found yourself feeling like a pieces a crap. Especially, when you don’t get the work done you were suppose to. You feel like you’ve wasted time. You start to have this feeling of guilt. That feeling then takes you on a spiral of unhealthy thoughts around your goals and what it is you’re doing.

This is called Time Anxiety. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur in order to suffer or experience time anxitey. Time anxiety is an over whelming feeling that your are wasting time, or the guilt of not being productive. This feeling can lead to a long term feeling of uneasiness.

Time Anxiety Leads To Procrastination

The other day I received a phone call from a friend that I haven’t seen I some time. It was a normal work day for me. I was loaded with tons of work to do. Knowing I should have stayed and work on my task for the day I didn’t. I allowed my girlfriend to convince me to hand out and I knew better. Before I knew it the day was over. We went to lunch and to a couple of other places. I Couldn’t even really enjoy myself because the entire time I felt guilty like a looser. Starting to question if I was really wanting what I was perusing. Spiraling down hill from there. It literally took me an extra day to get back on track and out of my guilt.

People that experience time anxiety or suffers (cause let’s face it its antagonizing) from it find them selves in an entanglement with procrastination. But, once the guilt from time anxiety to linger. You’ll start to question your entire purpose. It may even take you a few days to snap out of it. Because procrastination will be a problem when trying to time manage.

Listen To Your Body

it wants what it wants

Your body will tell you what it needs it won’t hesitate to let you know it’s had enough. Mental and physical health is important to your well being and success in business. When you find yourself not able to do any work because your body/mind simply won’t allow for it, surrender. If you give yourself 1 day out of the week to have a total reset you won’t have to worry about your body abruptly shutting down. I know there is a lot no sleep gang out there but get your rest. If you treat your body good it will treat you better.

Managing Time Anxiety

One great way to stop yourself from having a time anxiety episode is to create you a realistic schedule. Your daily task just be light don’t cram too much into one day or you will for sure be met by time anxiety. Set small breaks giving yourself breathing time. Stick to the schedule you set and you will be amazed how much you can get done. Try to look at the clock as less as possible. And don’t forget to breath. One thing for sure two things for certain tile will pass. But as long as you stick to your schedule you can leave time anxiety in the past. When you find yourself overthinking change your focus. Instead focus on how far you’ve come, what you have accomplished. Sometimes you gotta toot your horn to remind yourself that you are not waisting time.

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