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Three Steps to Dream Catching

Dream Catching Just like a typical game of hide-go-seek when you were young. You must first find what you seek in order to give a good chase, and a lot of times what we are seeking may be very hard to find. There is a mental exercise i like to do and it goes like this: First i want you to journey back to when you were a child the youngest you can remember then we are going to come through those memories coming back forward to this present day. Before i go any further the reason for this is because most of the time our dream or passion or divine major purpose have always been there. Find It and Mind It/ Your Truth

Dream Catching

But as we grow through life we loose our sense of self in that process, but it’s OK because it never leaves us it just gets buried away. Now after we have combed through our memory bank take a moment to just think. For me as i comb the fine strands of my memory i realized one thing. I have always been a writer and a healer or care taker as we call it since very young and when i thought about it, it was like that oh wow i forgot.

Next part of this exercise will be once you find that thing you love so much i mean you can do it no matter if there is no pay involved. Now searching for that thing may take a few days so go head and take the time you need to search with in you what you seek. Dont rush this process the bog will still be here i promise.

The Chase

Now that you are finally back you are ready for the chase. Now that you have found what you love you are ready to begin the chase. The first step in the chase is figuring out how what you love can bring you an livable income there many be many learning experiences you find or trial and error as they say.

But don’t stop creating the blueprint until it’s workable for Dream Catching if what you need is money on your chart i need you to replace that and continue to work. Don’t frown like that!! yeah, i said replace it, trust you just starting out you have to learn to first work with what you got, where you are. once this is mastered then your chase begins to get more and more intense. If you need help on this part email me and ill assist you. So know we know how what we love can benefit us financially now we must figure out how to take that same thing AND FREELY GIVE BACK. That will be your tithing.

The Catch

Now we are here this will be by far the hardest part of the chase. This will require all of you 110% meaning you must become this in away that when people see you they see what it is your standing for and doing. I know some people get all the way to this last step and give up. The most common reasons people give up at step three is the don’t really want to do the work.

Let me say this although it may seem like it will take longer to make this dream pop, one thing’s for sure the time will pass anyway. So you can go ahead and put the work in and not allow procrastination to defeat you. Or you can live your life jumping from one thing to the next never putting 100percent into anything you do and never reaping the benefits either.

Let’s be clear I use to hate the saying A Jack Of all trades but a Master of none. And I would argue it down and say that was not true but over the years life has taught me that it was true and that the most important part of catching your dreams and living the life you desire is putting all og your time and energy in that thing.


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