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There is a Power In Choice

There is power in choice. When you think of choices you think of something as simple as choosing Cool ranch chips over Nacho cheese. But choices are far much more powerful than some random chip pick. Consider this, You are always one choice away from life or death. Exercising your right to choose plays a vital role in your journey. Making the best choice or making a choice at all can seem very complicated. Choosing is never easy because it requires a level of confidence not only in yourself but in not knowing the for sure outcome.

Making The Right Choice

The Power Of Choice

When it comes to making the “right” choice we have to first determine what right is. Choosing requires thorough examination of pros and cons. It’s about choosing what’s best over what’s comfortable. This is not to say people can’t have comfortability when choosing, this just means that one must be willing to make the best choice even when the best choice puts them in an uncomfortable position.

There are a few factors that should be considered when making a choice. There is a question that you must ask yourself and that is if this is the best choice or the right one. Shouldn’t the right choice be the best choice? I would say not always. That is up to you. Sometimes we make the wrong choice for ourselves trying to protect others. The factors you should consider are:

1. Will this choice intentionally do harm to others.

2. Is this choice in alignment with my overall goal.

3. How does this choice affect my day to day life.

4. Does this choice have a positive impact on my life.

5. Do I really need & want this.

Indecisiveness Weakens the Power of choice

Indecisiveness comes from the fear of choosing. Making a decision no matter how big or small isn’t always easy. One reason we sometimes are hesitant to make a decision because we fear the unknown. The other reason is because we are not confident in who we are or what we are wanting.

For years I suffered from procrastination. I tried everything to get rid of it but honestly nothing worked. I had read books on it, found my passion and still I procrastinated. Until one day I was laying in my bed watching tv. I knew it was things I needed to do but still there I was laying there doing nothing. I asked myself why am I laying here like this, what is stopping me from doing what Im suppose to be doing.

I realized I needed to simply choose to get up and do what I was suppose to do. Yes, it was as simple as that once you get the courage to face yourself and stop being afraid of the unknown.

Sometimes making a decision can be vital to your life. It’s not easy choosing yourself especially when choosing you will possibly hurt others. But I need you to not wanna hurt yourself as much as you don’t wanna hurt others. Your mental health is your responsibility. Choosing others even (children) over yourself can result in Mental Health issues.

The mind is a horrible Master, But a beautiful servant

Mastering The Mind

To be able to choose, you must be the Master of your mind. This will help you stay in control of your actions. Controlling your actions will lead to being able to make a choice. Now is the time to stop being afraid, make the decision, and take a leap of faith. You can choose to LIVE or you can continue to choose to Die. The choice is always yours!

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