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GOSSIP-VS-GOSPEL: Modern day Gossip know as he said, she said is frowned upon in today’s society. It is looked at as not being true, not having enough substantial evidence to back it up it’s based on what you heard. Whispers from all around, stories of people and their business getting twisted and turned around by the time it reaches its final destination.

BUt you must ask yourself how did this Gossip come about? Who created the term? When you look up the definition of Gossip it reads: casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true. Sounds Familiar? The Scales of Balance: Your Inner work Reflects Your Outer work

GOSSIP-VS-GOSPEL: Then there is the Gospel which in fact displays no difference than Gossip. But by new revised definition is the teaching of the lord, however if you check the etymology of the work Gospel you will find it derives from the latin Good + Spell a story. A story can not always be verified and when it lacks a substantial amount of facts one can say it’s nothing but Gossip. Take a close look at your religious book what ever it may be.

It is in fact gossip at it core. Now most will hate this article or argue with me that there is no Gossip in religious books at all, but the truth of the matter is it is the birth of gossip.


Your bible is nothing but he said she said. Let’s take every book in the bible. Each book was a story told by that person with no solid evidence or a single soul to vouch for any of the things in the book. It’s like me telling you what Tammy did and said to me but there is no way to ask Tammy or to confirm what I am saying Tammy did or said. Now that doesn’t make it false and it also doesn’t make it truth. But what it does is tells us his story from his perception.

There is no difference between the two words. But it is all based on perception it’s like anything else you read or hear you must ultimately determine what will be your truth and stand on that rather you title it Gossip or Gospel. Your perception is all that matters in your life so before you belive and thing some oe said or heard just make sure it goes with your truth no one will have to tell you, it’s just a feeling. Gossip or Gospel we create our own reality.

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