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The Color Line and Your Success

Color Line the story: I remember when I first started this journey, I was in search for answers to questions that I myself hadn’t even asked yet. I thought to myself how can I find the secret to the universe than as they say when the student is ready the teacher will come. My first teacher was a special one to me and that is because he was my Great-Uncle a man who I thought was a nut job when i was younger in fact turned out to be the most sane person i know.

Canceling What You Manifest Without Knowing. My uncle first put me on detox and advised me that if I really wanted to learn the things I said I would need to eliminate animal products from my diet and this was so that I could live my vibration to a higher understanding. Now I have been eating meat my entire life but I wanted this so bad I went cold turkey with no problems.

The first set of books I received was about native ancestral history. When I opened that box there was a letter on top and it stated “Don’t get stuck at the color line.” I didn’t understand the message at the time. As time went on the more I read the more I was hurt about the things my people went through and the injustice they faced.

Suddenly it hit me what my uncle meant when he said “Don’t get stuck at the color line.” I noticed i started to have an issue with other races after indulging in my people’s history. But on the journey to self-realization one must travel back and learn about the very branch they grew from. In that process however you can get stuck there.

Crossing the Color Line

I had to push through working my way now from back to forward if I would have stopped there I would have missed the true lesson I was seeking. I was taught by my uncle to always know no matter what book you read it is the perception of the author and that includes all religious books such as the Holy Bible as well as the Koran.

And a spiritual journey is about finding your truth. My truth went beyond colors of skin or even separation of the classes which is racism in itself. As I continued my research and found my truth just to find the more you learn, grow, and experience the more your truth changes but the foundation of your truth remains the same. Had I gotten stuck at the color line I would have missed the main point.

And that is that skin color only exists on the lower vibrations and is often used as a distraction to keep you in limbo right there. enabling you to get to the higher truth which you seek. For me what made sense to me and gave me that push across the color line was the fact that our true self is Spirit. Meaning we are made of energy and can not be created or destroyed so if that’s so then color isn’t a factor however energy and vibration are.

Let’s talk success now this varies from person to person but what we can agree on is that it is reaching a level higher than where you currently, What level exactly is solely up to you? But if you can not move past the color line and realize that there is something greater and more powerful in place then you will cheat yourself out of being able to break away from cultural curses. Reprogramming your thought process so that you can create a positive habit that will work in alignment with your goals.

How this can affect your success

The most important one is that it will prevent you from connecting to those who need to make your ultimate goal or dream a reality. During the manifesting process, your initial thought goes out into the universe and expands like a balloon connecting everything and everybody that is needed to make your dream a reality. Now if there is any resistance involved in this process your thought will not be able to connect to all parties need to make this happen in turn delivering a half-done or unfinished manifestation.

You never know who you may need and if you are blinded by the color of someone’s skin you will only be able to get so far and self-realization will become impossible. See success doesn’t only involve the physical plane but most importantly includes the spiritual aspect of being.

The way I see it is if one really was to take a journey to Self Realization racism will no longer be a part of that person but how can I expect one to love me or understand me and who I am when one doesn’t even know or love themselves. It is impossible for success to only happen on a physical level it must be like all things including the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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