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The 3 Main Functions of the Subconcious

The 3 Main Functions of the Subconcious


Our survival is linked to health, money, job, love and human relations. decisions regarding these matters come predominantly from the computer like subconscious mind, even though we belive we are “thinking it over.” Past programming is what makes most decisions for us. We brush our teeth at least once a day. We like a certain type of person.

Past conditioning or programming can make us radiantly healthy, abundantly wealthy, and eminently successful. It is also the cause of every curse to man. Let’s talk about the Main Functions of the Subconscious. How to Fix Your Broken Relationship

Positive suggestions accepted at alpha level becomes apart of pur programmed behavior as well. A half of century ago Emil Coue’ had people in europe look in tha mirror and repeat over and over again “Everyday in every way I am getting better. after a few weeks many people had noticeable results.

Main Functions of the Subconscious

The moment you feel unworthy of something the subconscious carries out that feeling. What ever your feelings suggest the subconscious will carry out the instructions to do so. As you are citing your positive affirmations over time you are instructing the subconscious to feel as though you are getting better and better.


Remember back when you first learned how to hold an object steady with your hand maybe you were 1 years of age. At that moment the data for knowing and understanding how to hold the objest until you are ready to put it down without dropping it no sooner was recorded by the subconscious. And now everytime you are about to pick a object up your originally recored data will kick that program in your subconcious into a activatd state.

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