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Science proves that the Chakras Exist!

We will see Science proves that the Chakras Exist!

For the Record

I love hearing my science but no really science people argue the fact that science have yet to proven the existence of the energy centers know as the chakras and the reason i called them not so science people because most of them don’t even keep up with today’s 2017 updates. So i would love to invite them in this argument of, have science researched us enough to finally say yes the chakras exist? Before i answer that question let me provide you with a few key things that have been going on in the scientific community that you the regular smegular regular folks have yet to hear. What are you spelling?

That is that the realization that the body is energy and not matter, that the DNA is not the controlling factor as we once thought meaning your life isn’t what it is because your DNA strand was a less fortunate one.Once the attention was fully placed on the cells and what that found was the cells membrane was the actually the brain of the cell ( go figure) and that not matter what IT’S THE ENVIRONMENT STUPID. But now Science proves that the Chakras Exist!

It’s The Environment Stupid!!

What does the environment have to do with it? well it’s been scientifically proven that its the environment of the cells on all feels that determine the functions of them. We are not only talking internal environment science also includes the external environment of the being as well. I know what does this have to do with the chakras?

Well if it’s the external environment then how do you suppose energy get’s into the body, to then have an effect on the cells or energy perturbed from inside to outside the body how what that occur? Yap! you guessed it the chakras the energy centers that can now be seen and measured by a dev that the scientist community has approved known as the GDV1. Electrophotonic analysis is something scientists have been turning to better understand the human body. Scientists quantify & graphically chart the alignment of human chakras in various emotional states.

Science proves that the Chakras Exist

Ask a high Preist Who is GOD? Always has been, always will be, and cannot be created or destroyed. Ask A high scientist what is energy, Always has been, always will be cannot be created or destroyed. In every great book God States “We were created in it’s like form well you break the human body down and you get what? That’s right nothing but energy.

Rather science has proven it or not we are nothing but energy!!! So how can you deny the Chakra System from existing.

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