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Right Or Wrong Way to Parent?

Right Or Wrong Way to Parent? Every sunday all the ladies in the building get together just for a little chat,no specific topic actually the topic changes almost everytime. I like to look at ithis as a support group even though others think its more of a gossip circle. We chatting about starting a bike ride group, you know so we can keep in shape and do something together other than sit here and get stiff. The Scales of Balance: Your Inner work Reflects Your Outer work

Right Or Wrong Way to Parent

As we talking Tara bursts out that she over heard Evonne and her son going back and forth. It went silent and everybody was all ears, i felt a little out of place cause Evonne is usually here with us and it’s very unusual for us to speak about someone elses business usually we discuss our own but you know that Tara can’t keep her mouth shut to save her own life.

Tara told us that she was on her way home and she happen to be in the parking lot sitting in the car next to Evonne and her son. But what i can’t figure out is how she heard all this through two windows, oh bionic hearing nosey, rosey ass lady.

Apperently Evonne son was upset with her and told her she didn’t really love him and support him. Now im sitting there shaking my head in dis-belief because i have witnessed first hand all the things she do for him. MaMA KK chimed in and said ” The children are just ungreatful if i was her i would beat is but then he would really have a reson to think i didn’t love him.” Everybody agreed saying things like he lost his mind, that’s not true, she do everything for him.

Now the entire time Mrs.Lulu eyes are completely focused on her crossword puzzle you would think she missed the whole thing until she looked up and and pushed her glasses that were resting on the tip of her nose. Now ya’ll need to stop, you don’t know what type of emotional trauma that boy is dealing with and love can’t be measured but what a person finacially do for a child.

These babies don’t come with a manula and different children need love in different ways. Each child is unique and you must get to know these babies so you can know how you need to love them. Some children feel most loved when they are bought things however, some just want to be huged on all the time.

You can only give what you have and and the most beautiful thing about the parent/child relationship is if you put your ego to the side it a beautiful learning experience for both the mother and the child. See, the parent tend out of ego to think that they know it all and got it all figure out. When in actuality they are still learning and figuring it out for themselves.

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