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One Roof Two Truths/ Why Truth Isn’t Universal

One Roof

Why Truth Isn’t Universal: For a long time, MCKAYLA couldn’t understand the distance that was in between her and her sister. They were only four years apart but to Mckayla it seemed more like 10 years. Mckayla just figured that this is what 4 year apart siblings did and that they would eventually become close.

Truth was that never happened, it has been almost 10 years since she and her older sister Trisha has spoken. Mckayla often rationalized in her mind that the reasoning for the distance was because there just wasn’t enough hours in the day. Read more about Memoirs of a Side chick.

Mckayla had recently experienced a series of traumatic events that sent her spiraling into a deep depression. Determined to heal herself she began to seek within and the deeper she went the more she uncovered.

She soon realized no matter how much she rationalized in her mind The reasoning for her and Trisha’s absence in each other lives she couldn’t ignore the fact that it had affected her in a way she had not realized. Her subconscious had created a program based on that specific childhood experience.

Her healing journey has taught her to recognize the triggers that activate the programs and take the necessary steps needed to eliminate what wasn’t working in her favor. So she decided to reach out to her sister Trisha you know, to have a conversation and release her feelings about their relationship.

To Mckayla’s surprise, she learned that her sister’s reality of growing up was completely different from hers. She couldn’t understand how her sister born and raised in the same house as she was can have such a truth about their childhood.

Listening to Trisha talk about her experience under the same roof was baffling to Mckayla she couldn’t understand and she begins to challenge her sister’s truth about how they grew up. It was hard for Mckayla to understand that she and Trish didn’t share the same experience although they were under the same roof. Challenging her sisters truth only made them grow further in distance.

Two Roofs

Mckayla felt as though her parent’s restrictions taught her how to be more consistent and detailed in life and that it was because her parents were strict that she was able to handle her business in an away. Mckayla also felt as though her parents weren’t that strick and she was still able to spread her wings and be confident in who she was.

On the other hand, her sister Trisha felt because of her parent’s strictness she had developed low self-esteem issues that didn’t allow her to live up to her full potential. She also felt like her parents were trying to make them ( her & her sister) Be who they wanted them to be instead of allowing them to experience life. To Trisha her childhood was miserable and the effects of her experiences were the reason her life was harder than it had to be.

Neither Trisha or Mckayla is wrong despite the fact that their shared experience was perceived on two totally different levels. The funny thing about truth is that it is not universal it is, in fact, individual an often we try to not only force our truths on others but also challenge theirs. An individual truth is based on what they perceive from their experience. You know the saying, There are 2 sides to every story? That statement indicates the acknowledgment that truth is based on the individual’s perception.

Why Truth Isn’t Universal

 Your truth belongs to you so whatever it is stand firm on it, believe in it, and don’t compromise your truth for anything. But also be mindful of other peoples truth as well and know that it may not always be the same as yours. At the same time be open enough to hear new Ideas and agree to disagree. building a solid foundation of your core truth is important. Imagine truth as the foundation of the house.

You want that foundation to be so solid and secure that even if later you decide to expand or build a larger home the foundation can support the new changes. Your truth belongs to you, and you only but, you ain’t heard it from me cause, I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!

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