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Money: 3 ways to change your relationship

Most effective ways to change your relationship with money.

Your Dysfunctional Relationship

The energy of thought is a very real creative energy. Everything that man has created first existed in his mental space. It first starts off as a mental picture then that is transferred to paper writings and then eventually reality. Your current relationship with money can sometimes be a result of your upbringing.

How you saw your parents handle and deal with money has an effect on your relationship with money. For instance, if you witnessed your parent or guardian always complaining about not having enough or being upset because they have to pay a bill, more than likely you have adopted those characteristics into your own world, and before you realized you too had a dysfunctional relationship with money. There is a belief that most of us were brought up and that belief is one of the main dysfunctions of changing your relationship with money. Cosmic Habit Force

You Don’t Need It, It Needs You

You grew up certain that you needed money, well, of course, most of the masses were brought up this way working for the man constantly trying to climb the financial ladder and before you know it it’s just never enough if you only had a little bit more you will be good. Then once you obtain that little bit more suddenly that is not enough.

Then you realize it’s just a constant never ending battle, you’re tired, overwhelmed with the constant hustle and bustle. You surf the Google to try to find how you can fix this on going problem, not able to consult with friends because they are having similar issues.

I bet you never even realized that you had a relationship with money. What if I told you, “You didn’t need money, money needs you” would you trust me? How much do you know about money?

Are you aware that money is an energy, like everything else it starts with a thought. Currency is something that is used as a medium of exchange. When I first saw this I instantly thought of a psychic medium. Now let’s look at the meaning of the word Medium, mediums rely on the presence of non-physical energy outside of themselves for the information relevant to the person. Let’s take a moment to understand that money is Energy.

Money can not move unless you move it, and therefore money needs you to move. Let’s start with paying bills, if every time a bill comes or it’s time to pay a bill, you’re suddenly in this negative space of not wanting to pay them or even wishes you didn’t have them, what you are doing is signaling out to the universe (universal god) that you don’t want to be able to pay theses bills and then suddenly each month after gets a little harder.

When I started writing this blog I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just me breaking the issue with money you have, I wanted to also be able to give you a plan of action.

3 Ways to change your relationship with money

1. The first thing you need to learn is that Money needs you to move. How you reprogram this is start feeling deserving of each other understand that money depends on you to use it to take care of things. Also be aware that when you are having a negative emotion when taking care of things that require money it’s like you arguing with it and telling it you don’t like it when it is around. SO start to enjoy paying your bills, Be grateful, feel good about money.

2. Pay your bills on time with a positive attitude even when it leaves you without money for that second, and trust it will only be a second cause money will be right there before you know it.

3. This next step comes from a book i recommend it’s a life changer you can find it on the front page of this blog as our good read for the month.

Pre-action plan ( i recommend you voice record it so it’s easier to follow the directions)

Relax in a chair and breathe deeply.

Imagine all impurities leaving your body and consciousness with every exhalation.

Think of the space above where you are.

Go into that space instantly: imagine you can look back down at yourself sitting in the chair.

Continue this trip into space, past the coast, above the planet, past this solar system, out of the galaxy.

feel love for this galaxy and all the billions of glaxies “out there”

Return instantly the way you came, knowing you are in closer touch with space.

After completing this Pre-Action Plan, you are ready for the “main event,” an Action Plan to win universal consent for abundance in your life.

Action plan to attract more money

Go to your ” special room” and sit under the sky light.

Project your consciousness to outer space.

Talk out loud to space in a reasonable way, covering in a logical way.

The nature of your money problem.

What amount of money will help you solve the problem?

Exactly what you will do with the money.

Use your hands in talking and visualize the points you make in the “conversation”

Promise to give a sacrifice as a sign of your sincerity and respect.

End your session, knowing that at the moment of sacrifice, the money will be on it’s way to you.

Sacrifice by doing one or more of the following types of action: Skip a meal, make a donation to a cause, feed some birds or animals.


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