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Manifesting Mondays: a How To

Mondays, You Know what everybody hates more than Raymond? Monday, Monday has become the most hated day of the week when Friday is the most loved and we all know why. But have you ever noticed that Monday traffic is always lighter than any other day of the week especially Friday? I know, you’re thinking “what does traffic have to do with Monday?”

Did you know the the best time to manifest is between 4 a.m and 6 a.m? During this time the planet is vibrating at its highest vibration and that is because the motion on the planet is at its lowest. You know what other time the planet has lower motion than usual? Yap, Monday! we know this because traffic is lighter there seems to be fewer people outside. Which means Mondays have a very good and high vibration and is a great time to manifest.

So instead of hating Mondays use Mondays to manifest your week. Manifesting your week and focusing your energy on how you want your week to go will be more useful than focusing on how much you hate Mondays.

How to Manifest On Mondays

The first thing you want to do when you wake on Monday mornings of course be thankful you woke up. next you want to do my shower exercise. The shower exercise teaches you how to live in the now. Living in the now is important because it is the only place that existed and the only place you can manifest from. After the shower exercise is completed envision what you want this week to look like.

Comb through each day and set a imagine what you need to happen on each day. If there are meetings or deals that you need to close. Envision all that you want (every little detail) and watch how Manifesting Mondays becomes your new favorite day.

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