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Love is a Destination or A Journey?

Is it possible that the key to a happy life is having your person? I struggle with the tug of war between what I feel and what has been embedded in my brain. Society tell me that I make myself happy and I believe that to be true to an existent. My heart tells me I need my person. They say you’re born by yourself so you should be okay with being by yourself. But are we designed to do it alone. And once you find your person is that person suppose to be forever?

I often wonder if what society tells me is the best answer. I want to believe that we are responsible for our own happiness and I do. But have you ever been around love? there is a feeling that comes from another person that you can’t give yourself. I know what you’re thinking. Yes I get it make yourself happy, but hear me out. Have you ever thought about our melanated history? and how the first attack was black love? You know, to separate the man from the woman. To create all these standards and barriers between the melanated man and woman. Have you ever wondered why?

The Love Journey

Well, I do. I believe that there are different levels of love. I feel as though you love or attack love on the level to which you love yourself. So every level of love feels like something new and makes you think if what you experienced before was even love. The biggest misconception of love is that it is a destination needed to be reached. When in fact it’s a journey through the different levels of love. Just like there are different levels of life. For each level of life there is a new level of love.

As you grow you adopt new ideas. You start to perceive things different. Most importantly you begin to feel things in ways like never before. With each level of life comes more patients. Each new level brings a new understanding of love and a loss of conditions. The higher you grow the higher you love. So don’t go through life looking for love as the final destination. Instead enjoy the journey each level has to share.

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