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Love, All The Boyz I Thought I didn’t

What is love? for every person, you ask there would be a different response. So, because I’m writing this blog and it’s coming from my perspective here goes my response. To me, love is something that I never understood. Something I thought I had never experienced and I’ll tell you why.

Sidebar:I know love has no conditions but It it seems to be the only way I have loved or not!

What I realized as I look back on my journey of love is that I did in fact love, conditioned or not. The way I see it Love isn’t a destination to be reach. It’s instead a journey to travel through and with travels comes levels.

As little girls we are never taught to learn who we are or to focus on ourselves. So there is a lot that we miss. But life soon catches up and reveals to each of us the truth about love. My truth came with the understanding that with every new level of life came a new level of love.

I always wondered why the next relationship always seemed better and made you question if I even loved the previous person. As I grew and life put me in situations that made me focus on myself I realized one thing.

You Don’t Know you need more closets until you’ve lived in a house that doesn’t have enough


I realized that love was a journey and that my love was only measured by the love that I had for myself. So to all the Boyz I thought I didn’t love. I loved you only as much as I loved myself and even my self love at times was weakened. Understanding that love is journey and not a destination has helped me understand that the more I love myself the more I am capable of loving someone else. So to All the Boyz I thought I didn’t love….. I loved you the best way I knew how!

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