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Live Life On Your Terms

Live Life On Your Terms: Wouldn’t it be nice to live life on your terms, no matter what those terms were? There was a point when living life on my terms was all I thought about. It became so bad that I became obsessed with living life on my own terms. But before I could do that I would have to first know who I was. What I stood for and most importantly I need to find my purpose. Is It Really Your Dream You’re Chasing?

I had to uncover the covered and sometimes that is even remembering that there is something covered. As I bring these blogs and vlogs to you I want to take the time to tell you this. What I’m doing is living the life I desire so don’t think I’m just here telling you something that I haven’t applied for myself.

One of the first steps to “figuring” out who you are and what you desire is journeying back. See the thing that you love most and connect with the most has always been with you it’s nothing new. You are not able to see it because it’s stuffed way deep down inside so far you don’t even realize it’s still there.

Consider my case, for example, I am a woman with many degrees and certifications under my belt I light up to the sound of something new then half way through I’m like “ok, what’s next.” All the while mastering the art of procrastination. Let me say this, you will never be able to remove the habit of procrastination until you find that thing you are really connected to.

Live Life On Your Terms

Once you uncover what your passion is procrastination will no longer be an issue. Because once you uncover the thing you love and love kicks in it will always be on your mind, it will become a part of you. I’m going to show you how to do what I call a “Journey” back so take notes. The first thing you must do is go back as far as you remember which may be if you have a good memory 2 years old.

Then I want you to slowly start to move forward towards the present, this may take a few days, and remember you are going to need two things 1. paper 2. pen. Now sit in a comfy space and breathe, think back as far as you can remember yourself as a child and the things you did and loved to do write that down.

Now from that age up to now what is it that you see that you use to do then that you still enjoy doing now? Now that you figured that out (and it may take a couple of days) think about what that looks like and just soak in that moment.

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