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Life Lessons

The Life Lessons i learnt from my

As an Energy Therapist and enthusiast, it is very important to make sure I stay on top of my own energy to serve others but that doesn’t mean that I don’t go through my own life lessons. life has this way of breaking you all the way down to its simplest form. Breaking you down to ground zero. But don’t worry this is just the universe’s way of giving you an opportunity to reset your mind and to put all of that great knowledge you have to work. Cause remember knowledge is only power when applied. How to Stop A Manifestation You Don’t want

What do you do when the universe is calling for your reset? Let’s say this, happiness is a choice a feeling that is activated by only you. It is very hard trying to activate this feeling when your lively hood is affected. You must have knowledge of your ability to create your reality. No matter how lost you may feel or how you let things sway you away from your Divine Major Purpose. The universal most high will be there to give you your reset.

When your reset comes be aware……Take that time to reprogram your thoughts to match your desires and never look back!!!!!

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