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Is It Really Your Dream You’re Chasing?|

Is it really your dream that you’re chasing? is a question that at some point you will have to ask yourself. Many assume that because your good at something it is the thing that you should set out to do. What is a dream? a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. There are so many things that stand in your way from obtaining your dreams, or what you beilive to be your dreams and the main one is not truly knowing what your dream is. Loosing A Parent|Does Time Really Heal?

Is It Really Your Dream You’re Chasing

I have suffered years of procrastinating with what I thought was my dream and that was my music. If you would have asked me years ago I would have said “I was born to sing” (so I thought). Yes I loved music it was my language and singing came naturally and easy to me. But it has always been very challenging for me to persue it and I didn’t understand why.

One day I reflected back on my entire life cause I believe the thing you desire to do your “Purpose” has always been with you. I also believe that your purpose and dream are one in the same. What I discovered was I wrote more than I sung and singing didn’t do it all the way for me but writing did.

Is It Really Your Dream You’re Chasing

Is It Really Your Dream You’re Chasing

I’ve noticed all my life I’ve thought in story, I see in story, I am a story teller and till this day that remains. I’ve done so many other things that I was good at that I assumed was my dream and I’ve gotten bored with it at some point. there were nails, and having a wellness center curing people, mens clothing store, selling womens workout clothes etc… And my journey brought me right back to the thing that gives me life and thats writing.

Sometimes doing a bunch of other things is what it may take, for you to discover what your dream is even if its right there the whole time. But I encourage you to find it. And when you do you will notice the new determintaion you posses. You will see why procratination is no longer an issue, it will wake you up bright and early in the morning and keep you up late at night, Sleep will evade you.

If you find yourself doing something and your not fufilled or your doing it just because it pays well just know this. Your dreams will pay you far more than anything your doing cause your good at it. When you become fufilled internally as if your soul is on fire then you have found your dream. So never give up keep searching till you uncover it, it is the best feeling in the universe. But, I ain’t the one to Gossip!

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