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Is Health Wealth? Health -Vs- Wealth

Health -Vs- Wealth : Everywhere you turn, you hear health is wealth. But, Is health really wealth? Let’s start with health which consist of three parts. The first being spiritual health The second being Mental Health and the third being Physical health. So basically, health is the overall being and then we have wealth which is an abundance of valuable possessions or money.

How does the two relate? The better question is do they relate? How does health have anything to do with wealth or wealth with health. Here is one of issue How To Heal from Daddy Issues?

Remember there are three parts health and one part wealth. So that means wealth has to work with all three together and indiviually. So adding them together has to equal balance.

So what’s balance? Well, it’s an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. keep or put (something) in a steady position so that it does not fall. Side bar: So when I was first on my healing journey I came across this group of people at the temple of Heru in little 5 points.

They would get together and they would meditate and practice what they believed was the ways of our ancient ancestors. One of the first questions I asked the teacher or high priest was, do you have money? No one understood why I asked him that except him. He smiled and replied come take a look and showed me his bank statement. And from there on out he had my attention.

Health -VS- Wealth

Consider this when we are enetering our spiritual practices like meditation and getting in the space of the divine, the cells that make up the body has to be able to connect to that vibration.

When stress is present it makes it challenging for the cells to reach the vibration needed. Stress makes the cells loose oxegen/energy and if more than 60% of oxegen is lost then the cells forget they are apart of the body.

They begin to attack the body (also known as cancer.) So basically what I’m saying is it’s hard as hell trying to manifest and meditate when every sound outside sounds like the repo people in the yard. There is a a material balance that has to be met in order to truley be able to focus on the spiritual self.

Creating Balance

Health vs Wealth

One of the steps in creating this balance is understanding your relationship with money and changing your thoughts about money. It is important to establish a good relstionship with money so that as you create more balance in your life your journey becomes smooth. Ask yourself how healthy can you be if you lack the finacial means to suppport your everyday basic living? People tend to finacial growth from spiritual growth but truth is we live in a time and space that requires money to survive. Notice I said “survive” because you need money before you can begin to live.

Minus the luxuries you need money  just for the basics like food and shelter. So how spiritual can one be without the finacial means to survive? And how finacially free can one be without the amazing manifesting works of the spirit? In order to grow spiritually one must seek counsel. Rather counsel is from a person or a book it requires money and most importantly it requires time. Knowledge has no power unless applied and apllication takes time and in todays socielty time is money.

That’s not to say that wealth cannot be generated without this balance. We see very wealthy people unhappy beyond repair and part of that reason is as they were growing finacially they neglected to grow spiritually. And the unbalance of the scales starts to take it’s toll. The same thing happens for the person who totally knows and focusses all on the spiritual aspets of life and neglect the material (money) we watch them struggle with feeding themsleves or providing for their family eventually sending them into a state of stress. Health is wealth and wealth is health… but, you ain’t heard it from me causea, I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!

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