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How your Root Chakra effects your Money

How important is the Root Chakra?

Well when you are born or shall i say in your mother’s stomach  the chakras are developing and the last chakra to develop is the Root chakra. This chakra start is development cycle in the 9th month of pregnancy. The baby start to prepare itself to inter into this time and space, on an energetic level this child is at a crossroads. It has to get ready for life in the material world. Some times if it’s preparations are not complete, the child fights against the birth process.

On an energetic level, the fetus is now completely ready to begin life in the world outside of i’s mother’s womb. In the last month the child is occupied with task that will assume new meaning once it’s born. The root chakra corresponds tot he child’s basic survival needs like the will to live and basic sense of trust.

If mom during this phase is depressed or scared or has any type of anxiety this will weaken the root chakra and with it the will to live. But if mom is happy and secure during this period baby will find its way through life so much more easier, the best way mom can avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety it to properly prepare for labor and birth of hr child. She must focus on all of the positive aspects of life.

Root Chakra and Your Adult Life

the central theme for the root chakra is stability, the will to live, self-preservation, sense of trust and security, groundedness this is also your fight or flight it governs your money and how well you manifest. It’s symbol has four petals its color is red, the mantra is LAM element is earth planet is mercury and its sensory function is smell. Then root chakra is the lowest chakra and as such is the foundation of all the other chakras. It lies in the area of the coccyx between the anus and the perineum.

The root chakra is considered the source of our life energy.  When energy flows freely through this chakra, it is easy to be secure in your existence in the world you are steady on your feet and not easily thrown into circumstances around you. Blockages in this chakra will cause an imbalance in the relationship with Mother Earth. A lack of energy in this chakra will cause one to feel disconnected to time and space not knowing their Divine Major Purpose, and even money manifesting issues. There is also a few associated health and hormonal issues that link can provide you with those…..

How do your remove blockages?

i would suggest you seek a Reiki Practitioner like myself and always my 4 minute candle meditation is always a good start. Always remember you are in control. Your mind is a Beautiful Servant but a Dangerous Master!

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