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How To Manifest In The Alpha State.

Alpha State, I know you’re very familiar with manifesting. But, just in case you’re not, manifesting is the ability to create the things you want for the future in the now. It’s a matter of your thoughts aligning with your emotions that set manifesting into motion. Although it’s a little more complicated than the genie in the bottle theory.

Manifesting can be quit challenging and thinking jut cause you command the universe to give you what you want doesn’t always mean it will. The universe form of communication is vibration frequency. First on an emotional level then visual and last verbal. Some will argue that verbal or words are also vibration and I will agree. Words is not the most powerful form of manifesting.

Manifesting With Words

Every time we speak we are casting a spell into our lives (hence spelling) But just speaking it doesn’t guarantee it will happen. The meaning of a lot of the words we speak today especially in the English language have changed. For instance The word humble. What spell are you casting when you speak the word humble onto yourself? This is when etymology Is important. When saying your humble according to the Merriam-Webster your basically saying your of low social class or ranking low, poor. It’s tricky because one minute words that meant one thing now means something else. So how can you be sure not to confuse the universe?

Alpha State Of Manifesting

What Is Alpha State manifesting? It is the most powerful and effective form of manifesting the life you want. It uses emotions which is energy in motion along wit visualization and physical movement into the NOW! Manifesting can only happen in the present moment. This is because its the only place that exist. The past no longer exist and you haven’t created the future yet. So manifesting can only be done in the now. Alpha state manifesting pulls from the now.

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