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How To Make 6 Figures Blogging|what bloggers won’t tell you.

How To Make 6 Figures Blogging : In 2012 I decided I wanted to start blogging I wasn’t even sure where to begin. A good friend of mine Funky Dineva was already running a very successful celebrity gossip blog. So I had someone to get me started on what platform to use which was a self hosted platform and how to apply for google ads. All I knew was that I had a love for writing that I wanted to share with the world.

Like you, I was stuck and found my self googling a bunch of how-to’s. Now I’m not going to front some of the blogs were very useful; if your just starting up. But what about once the blog is up and running and you got all the plug -ins installed, and all the Seo is configured properly. One of the things I learned in my search is, when it comes to making money blogging every blogger holds the secret.

How To Make 6 Figures Blogging

How To Make 6 Figures Blogging

Like I mentioned earlier I wanted to share my gift of writing with the world; but I also wanted to make money doing what I loved. Don’t get it twisted blogging/writing isn’t all peachy like most think. It isn’t always easy getting into the head space that you need in order to deliver the words to match the emotions being expressed; it is hard work. So in-between writing I was searching for help on the internet. I was looking for someone to give me the blueprint at this point I was willing to pay whatever and paying is what I did! There are so many blogs out there that will mislead you into thinking they hold the secret to making 6 figures a year blogging. When in fact they make money by making you purchase this course they have that will give you the secret.

The secret that they don’t even know. Trust me I’ve spent thousands of dollars buying webinars, courses…etc. They give you what I like to call the fluff. I call it that because they never really give you the thing that will make you 6 figures in a year and I figured out why. There is no “thing.” Making a residual income is based on who you are, how much work you are willing to put in, and if you even believe in your ability to make that type of money blogging.

Don’t get me wrong there are some valuable information that is offered in these Bloggs that will greaten the chance of you making 6 figures a year blogging but it won’t happen over night. So, stop looking for the “secret” or the “thing” and realize the secret exist in your work. Don’t give up continue to write great articles, stay on top of your SEO and network, market your blog. All it takes is for that one person or group of people to enjoy your work and just like that the numbers will start to increase. I talk about this in my blog post title Preparing for Overnight Success But what ever you do don’t give up and know the real secret lies within. But, I ain’t the one to Gossip!!!

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