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How To Live in the present

Live in the present

When we think about shifting what comes to mind? Movement from one angle to the next maybe? But not all shifting requires movement on a physical plane, actually the most important type of shifting takes place on a very subtle level. If you are in tune with your body you can feel it. A shift from past to present comes about when one is beginning to be more in alignment with oneself, vibration Are lifted and blockages are removed the mind goes into a selfish state.

How To Shift From Past to Present?

Shifting although seems complicated really can be done in an instant for those who have a strong will and  are very discipline in what they want. But for those who are not as strong-minded meditation will be the best starting point because it aligns the all consciousness together and teaches you how to live in the only place that exist and that is the right now.

There is this little exercise I tell people to do every day along with my candlelight meditation and that is this. While taking a shower a want you to focus on the water coming from the shower head and how the soap feel on the body, feel the water as it runs down you allow this to be your focus the whole time you are in the shower.

Most people don’t realize that a shower is one of those things people do with no thoughts or focus, actually, the whole time you take a shower you are thinking about past or future events which in turn is a temporary state of insanity cause either one of those places exists, the only place that exists is the right now, you know that place we hardly even think about. So this shower exercise will start to get you more adapted to living in the present (it is the greatest gift.)

The Shift

At this point, a natural shift starts to take place removing you from insanity and allowing you to create the life you desire because you can only create or manifest from the present moment. It also helps you to remove the fear of… This shift is very important and can be done in an instant all it takes is a conscious decision to want to make that change in your life and start to live the life you desire. You can be what you choose to be whenever you choose.

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