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How To Heal from Daddy Issues

 How to heal from daddy issues, let me show you. But first, what is daddy issues? daddy issues are negative impressions left on the subconscious mind by the action of a father or father figure. The two word combination that can get under almost any womans skin. Daddy issues are activated by triggers. A trigger can be a certain smell or song or place etc. That brings you to the core moment where it all begain. It’s so much easier to walk around wounded and blaming your dad, then it is to take responsibility and seek healing for yourself.

Now, everyone may not have the opportunity to talk to their dad but that doesn’t mean you can’t still heal from it. It wasn’t an excuse or a good reason my dad gave me that healed me it was me understanding that although it was not my fault it was now my responsibility to heal. (Hell, my dady had no idea the issues he even caused me.) This required me to acknowledge that I have daddy issues. I had to exam how I felt in the momments that these thoughts and feeling were activated, I also had to find the root event/cause.

What Worked For Me

Daddy issues

daddy issues

How I healed from daddy issues was understanding you can only give what you got. When you are in the process of healing one of the things you learn is loving yourself with no conditions. To love with no conditions requires understanding and pateints and that doesn’t only apply to self love but love in general. You are now resonsible for your healing like you are your happiness. Most of the time the person inflicting the plain doean’t even realize they are doing it.

First you must be honest and acknowledge the issues you have. Rather its feeling of abananment or insecurities you must be honest and allow those feeling to surface think about your dad for a second what were the actions he demostrated that made you feel like that. For me, it was feelings of abandonment every time he got a new girlfriend.

Only You Can Heal You

Instead of asking the “why?” question try to understand them in that understanding you will find healing. The spirit of the child choses the parents. We choose our parents based on the experience we need to become the person we ultimatly desire to be (even when we don’t know who that person is.) To have a better balanced life is soely up to you. You are the only person that can heal you, the person who caused pain can’t do it. It’s time to release and heal from your daddy issues and if you need me I’m always here for you. If there is ever a time that you feel you need help I’m always here.

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