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How To Get Rid of Writers Block For Good

let’s talk about it How To get rid of writers block for good. But first let’s discuss some things that may cause writers block to occur. Although there appears to be several causes of writers block there’s really only one. If you can eliminate that one you can free yourself of writers bock for good.

Let’s name a few real causes of writers block

  1. High standards (which is basically fear of failure)

  2. Imposter Syndrome (fear of rejection)

  3. Perfectionism (fear of not being good enough)

  4. Busyness (fear of not having enough time)

  5. Laziness (or is it really fear ?)

  6. Lack of structure (fear of not knowing where to start)

If you look closely at the list provided above you will see the common denominator and that my love is FEAR! Yap you guessed it, if you can eliminate fear out of the equation you won’t get writers block ever again. So how do you get rid of fear? Fear can only exist where there is a lack of confidence in oneself. So, in order to eliminate your fear you must build up your confidence in yourself and your work.

One of the ways I was able to build my confidence up was to stop comparing myself to other writers, stop looking for the right or wrong way and just do it my way. I used to think I needed an degree in journalism to be a great writer and because I didn’t have one that maybe I couldn’t be a writer. But what I realized was writing is what made me a writer and being true to my creative story telling ability is what made me a Good writer.

Get Stated

Allow your creativity to flow onto the pages Believe in your work and stop worrying about everything else. Stop getting opinions of others and stop second guessing yourself it will all fall together if you would just write!

Meditation is a great way to help to eliminate fear and that is because when fear is present that means that the mind is in control. You are indulging in your head too much. Fear does not exist in those who have control over the mind. Remember the mind is a beautiful servant but a horrible master and the longer you stay in your head the more your mind takes control. Control the mind control your life.

So in order to rid yourself of writers block for good you must eliminate the fear that lives inside of you. Here is a meditation for beginers enjoy.

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