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How to Fix Your Broken Relationship

Why the broken connect

Fix your broken relationship.Imagine a link bracelet each piece that is connected together, but if you look very closely each piece is broken in the same place in order to connect with the next. I know we all were told that opposite attracts. Actually like attracts like. We love to think we are totally opposite than the person we are in a relationship with.

No doubt there may some differences. Broken relationships hurts a lot. But the differences aren’t what connected you, if you look closely, very close you will see that it is the similarity that actually brings you together. And if you break up u always find your way to fix the broken. lets discuss how to fix your broken relationship.

Like Attracts Like

See, the funny thing is like the universe/ energy doesn’t allow 2 people that are not vibrating on the same vibration occupy the same space so you have to look deeper than the surface to get a real understanding of the common factor that brought the two of you closer together. Yes, you guys share the same type of trauma no matter how different it seems it’s very much relatable. Now the problem is how to fix your broken relationship?

Fix The Broken

Tricky as it may sound “fix the broken” is a very real statement and I know what your thinking, how do you fix the broken. You looked at the above statement because you have realized somewhere in your realtionship that it was broken and you thought maybe I can fix it? But, then you said how can I fix someone else?

Truth is you can’t, but the reality is you are looking at the other person as though they are the broken one and you may be right. However, you are also the broken one as well. Remeber those who you are in a relationship with are a reflection of self. Yes, you guys share the brokenness it is the thing that allows you two to occupy the same space.

So before you just blame all the others you must honestly ask your self, what is it about me that I connect with these broken people? Once you figure that out and begin to heal within you will see how the dynamics of the people in your life change. How to fix your broken relationship?

The start will be to first heal self. The most you can do is become an example that healing is possible, but this may come at a price. So remember earlier in the blog I mentioned that thing about the universe not allowing to people that are not on the same vibration to occupy the same space well… Once healing takes place within you, your vibration starts to change and the thing that once brought you two together will no longer exist in you. For more love advises click here And now it will be harder to occupy the same space you and the universe will be in a battle for this space. You must move on and if you really care about that person then you will not fight the universe and you will move out the way and give them a chance at healing.


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