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How to Find Your Divine Major Purpose

Do you know your divine major purpose?

Not your Divine, Purpose but your Divine Major Purpose. So you know as usual i have a  little story of my own on how i finally did it, yes I discovered what my divine major purpose was. For those who don’t know me allow me to re-introduce myself My name is Aja Wolfe most know me as Vegan Gypsie I have been or studied or tried whatever comes across this big old powerful brain of mine, oh and i can talk your ears off (that’s why i blog) lmoa!! i’m always researching, i’m obsessed with growth and my hero is my future self.

I am the go-to among most of my friends they probably think, I think, I know it all but it doesn’t matter cause they call me anyway and it bothers me when i don’t have the answer or even a solution for them and I have been that girl my whole life, Always trying to figure it out and i love that about myself.

I was a nail tech for about 17 years and bought my first salon 1 year after I relocated to Georgia it was on auburn ave Chocolate Nails Atlanta the sweetest place in the city is where my journey of self truly began. Anyone in the service industry knows us service providers become therapists, counselors, and nutritionists it runs deeper than the service we are providing.


I teamed up with the Grady Hospital Cancer division and on the first Monday of every month chocolate nails did free manicures and pedicures for cancer survivors and their navigators and that’s when it all started and slowly but surely my purpose was revealed to me. I had developed a relationship with the women I would service every Monday. Just like all other clients they needed to talk. The more I connected with them the more I would go and research and learn.

So that the next time I saw them I would have possible solutions it truly gave me life. Although at that time I didn’t see the full picture of who I was becoming. Before I knew it I was so obsessed with the body and its ability to heal. And how that related to our everyday lives and the connection between the 2. I believe we all have that one thing in common and it’s living the life we desire. first, we must dig deep to find out exactly what that life looks like. For me, the journey has really just begun because I know exactly what the life I desire most looks like.

Divine Major Purpose

This discovery came about from me seeking within I was on a 21-day detox this was a completely vegan fast it was not just a fast from foods I completely eliminated myself from a lot of things such as tv, music, and computers and I focused solely on me and how I felt in the midst of whatever it was I was doing.

Then I started only doing the things that I truly loved. Even if I felt it was ok I didn’t do it unless I loved it and it gave me life. I kept a journal for these 21 days I recommend you do the same. Would write down my days completely then I would write down how they made me feel remember at this point I was only doing what I loved to do and you better believe I told a lot of people no at this time.

I felt my vibration getting stronger my manifesting process was starting to take less time to deliver the results I was truly amazed about how I was feeling. Once my detox was over I sat down and re-read what I  had written and taken notes and I noticed when I was helping pr assisting people to live the life they desire I vibrated at my highest it felt good like I was on a new drug and I was addicted to this new found feeling of joy from inside. At that very moment, I knew what I wanted to do what I have been doing basically my whole life.

Purposeful Name

Okay, check this crazy part out, true story so I was real heavy into African culture at one point in my life even thinking about moving there to the Gambia. I wanted to change my name to a more African name. There was a lady That I studied with. She was one of the people I expressed my wanting a name change to. she says your name is AJA right I’m like duh thinking now she is being funny.

She then tells me to look this is your name it comes from the Mandinka and the Wolof tribes it means high priestess of mecca lady of the forest herbs one who teaches her people the medicinal uses of the plants and leads her people to the holy land. This whole time I was blown away as she spoke and just to think I was searching for something that was already there I just needed to unlock it, I’m saying this to say I have been already doing what my divine major purpose was already I just didn’t realize it you to can discover your hidden gold it just takes a little bit of focus on yourself.

Detox Is Life

Remember more than likely I mean i can bet my last dollar that your Divine major purpose in life has always been right there, we just tend to ignore it and not put to much focus on it. I suggest you do a 21-day detox and if you need suggestions just email me and i;ll share a few good ones I know.

During this time i need you to be selfish because one has to be before one can be selfless keep a journal learn to live in the moment record how your feeling when you dong only what you like allow your inner voice ( your higher-self to guide you). You can do it I promise it’s right there your doing it now your just not putting 100% into it .

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