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How To Comfortably Be Yourself

Being comfortably yourself at all times seems pretty easy right? But are you really always comfortable just being yourself, I mean, comfortable no matter the environment. Or, does sometimes the environment alter that comfort ? A few years ago when I wasn’t paying as much attention to myself I would have without a doubt answered that question with a “yes” of course I’m always comfortable being myself.

To Be Or Not To Be Yourself

Being comfortable with being yourself includes but is not limited to dumbing yourself down in the presence of others or the opposite. When you do that you are altering your vibration to fit theirs and that is not being comfortable with yourself.

The first time I realized that I was “not comfortably myself” and that my environment had trumped me. I was visiting some family that I rarely visit and on this day I realized why me visiting my family was rare. I love my family and I want nothing but the best for all of them. But, I realized A long time ago that it’s not about what I want for them but about what they want for themselves.

My life was right on track, I was manifesting the things I wanted. I was open to new Ideas, vibrating high and although I still had my struggles it wasn’t all bad. When I would visit my family it was always the same issue, it was so dark and depressing.

Trust Yourself

“Before I knew it when I would visit I started lowering my vibration pretending to be having a hard time as they were. I couldn’t even share my accomplishments because I didn’t want them to feel like I was bragging. But enough was enough ! Not only did I stop coming around I made a promise to myself that I would never do that again. For one it wasn’t fair to me to have to dumb myself down and for two no one asked me to either. It was a choice that I made because I was not comfortable in that environment being myself.

You never know what an impact being comfortably yourself may have not only in your life but in the life of those around you. When you’re not comfortable being yourself no matter the environment it can afford you to miss out on needed opportunities.

Just Be You

In order to comfortably be yourself you have to first journey within and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself a few question like, Who am I ? What do I like? what moves Me? The second part of being comfortably yourself is accepting. Being able to accept yourself for who you are and know that if who you are is not who you desire to be you have the ability and the birth right to change it.

Next time you’re in an unfamiliar or familiar environment pay attention to how your feeling in that moment. Your conversation is it true to what you believe in. What is your body language displaying is it accurate with your true personality. Learn to be comfortably be yourself so you may live the life you deserve


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