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How to activate your happiness

activate your happiness Mrs lulu is one of the millionaires that live in my building, there are many well off residents but there is something very special about her. She is very knowledgeable and often you will find her preaching to those around. I love to catch her in her moment. Tip: How To Live In The Moment

How to activate your happiness

Lets get to the good stuff so i was walking by the club room in our building and i first only saw Charles Mrs. lulu son but by the time i approached the door i herd Mrs lulu voice. apparently Charles was very u happy in his relationship and was seeking advise from his mom. The problem Charles is facing is that he is blaming his unhappiness on his wife. He believed like most people that a wife or a husband is suppose to make you happy.

Let’s journey into what or where most people look to find happiness and most of the time it’s outside of the self which is the biggest mistake one can make. The reason being is that when you seek outside yourself and put the responsibility on other things to make you happy, you are setting your self up for the biggest disappointment.

Happiness is your responsibility it is something that needs to be unlocked from within and it’s a journey through the self a journey worth taking and until you find and unlock your inner happiness all these other things you depend on will be only temporary satisfaction. One must start to build a relationship with ones self and truly seek to learn who they are, and that will be your starting point to unlocking your happiness. You must go back in order to move forward.

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