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How The Chakras Are Vital To Your Very Existence

Chakras Are Vital The question I am asked most is, what religion is the chakras related to? The answer to this is none, the chakras are universal no matter your spiritual path the energy center will always be there. Loosing A Parent|Does Time Really Heal?

Chakras Are Vital

CHakras are a part of your physical and spiritual body. A life force energy flows through these energy centers; without this life force energy, your body will be a corpse. That’s right you heard me, you will be DEAD! The life force energy is what spins through the chakras. Each chakra is directly connected to an organ system and governs all aspects of the area that it is in. Let’s start with the Root Chakra its location is the base of the spine. This Chakra is the last one to develop while you are still in your mom’s womb.

It is your fight or flight, grounds you in time and space, and controls your money and energy just to give you a few basics. It is the root of the chakra system the strength of the root chakra is vital to the remaining 6. Think of it as the root of the tree if you maintain a healthy root then the tree can sustain itself no matter the storm.

When there are blockages within these energy centers we are not able to be our best selves. The 7 chakras are 1. Root 2. Sacral 3. Solar Plexus 4. Heart 5. Throat 6. 7. Crown although there are much more we will focus on what is known as the main 7 centers. Although each energy center has its main function. Collectively they make up the whole chakra system and, when balanced, promote a healthy life mentally, spiritually, and financially.

All energy centers regulate the human energy system and seek to maintain equilibrium in health while assisting the mind, body, and soul’s need to grow. The chakras link the visible and the invisible aspects of an individual’s mind, body, and soul and exchange energy between the spiritual and physical realities. All energy centers are composed of quanta, which can be subdivided as quarks ( energy that moves slower than the speed of light) or tachyons ( energy that moves faster than the speed of light); both of these particles move in spiral-like motions from the material and spiritual form and vice versa.


Each Chakra operates at its own optimum frequency. Generally more physical and lower the center, the lower its frequency. The seven in-body chakras as ranging in Hertzian, or cycle, per second. for the most part, these frequencies qualify as visible light on the Electromatic spectrum. Above the head energy centers are ultraviolet and higher; below the feet, energy centers are infrared and lower. All the frequencies are interrelated, however. If one is out of synch, all others will be too.

All energy centers affect an entity’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being by storing, analyzing, dispersing, and transforming data regarding these processes. Each chakra has a build in a mechanism for communicating with the other energy centers and to the organism as a whole. This feedback process is a psychic process that involves receiving, encoding, sending, and deciphering data between centers and the mind, body, soul of the organism. In short, all energy centers double as intuitive centers, each using its own peculiar form of psychic process.


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