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How Reiki Benefits Western Medicine

How Reiki Benefits western Medicine

Some feel as though western medicine is not the best thing for us and i get it but there is a time when western medicine is needed. Until we truly learn to take care of our selves on the day to day basis there will always be a need for western medicine.

I say this from my professional experience. Holistic or Eastern Medicine works at a slower process and if you have a life-threatening illness time just may not be on your side. So that is where western medicine will come in it will able you to get the body back to a start that Eastern medicine can have the opportunity to assist in getting the body back to it’s optimal style of health.

Western Medicine

Reiki is being practice more and more in the hospitals of today some even require nurses to get reiki attunments, that’s something that i just done agree with… why? well this is my thoughts on that i take being a reiki practitioner very serious it is not only my passion but it is what i know in. And for me that means vibrating at a high vibration is important. But what i will say is when you combine the 2 healing systems sone can bounce back from almost anything.

Western Medicine

Closeup of man hand pouring capsules from a pill bottle into hand. Senior man taking daily medicine to consume. Close up of male hands taking daily dose of drug.

Taken care and learning your body will always be the best way to stay happy cause although we are so much alike each body is so much different than the other.

Once you focus on you the body will send you signals of to what is going on if you pay attention. Then you probably will not need western medicine.

Reiki benefits Western medicine in ways that western medicine can never be able to help the body. That is on the mental and spiritual plane of healing. Western medicine just focuses on the physical aspect of the being so when you combine the 2 you get a mind, body, spirit type of healing. Western medicine is not always needed but let’s not discredit it all. There is a time when the combination of the 2 healing systems will be practiced all over in every hospital.

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