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Healing From ChildHood Trauma

Everyone isn’t always fortunate to recognize when they are being influenced but a trigger from a childhood trauma. If your anything like me than you may have lived most of your life not even realizing that you had any traumas at all. Traumas especially from your childhood can be easily overlooked or missed. The Subconscious has been recording and storing your emotional and physical experiences since you were conceived. It’s no wonder why some overlook trauma they may be suffering. Trauma can come from even the subtlest of things.

I realized that I had abandoman issues when I got in my thirty’s. My abandon issues led to low self esteem. Had I not wen on my healing journey which then provoked me to pay attention to myself, my thoughts I would have missed it. I started to see a pattern especially In my love life. I’ve felt so threaten by another woman rather it was family or not. I would then feel less then.

Healing Is Yours

Which brought me to a point in my healing journey where I had to ask the question. That question was “why?” Why does the action of others make me feel less than? The truth was it had very little to do with the actions of others but everything to do with a hidden trauma I had no idea existed. I was determined to get to the bottom of this. What I realized on my healing journey is that I didn’t need to confront anyway. I mean, what was they gone say to make me feel better, “I’m sorry.”

I realized that healing wasn’t that hard. It was just a matter of you acknowledging that the trauma existed and snatching it by the root. In order to snatch it by the root I had to also figure out what the root cause was. That required me to do two things one, pay attention to the times I’m triggered and two, journal back into my life and re-learn myself.

Define Yourself

Most people find it hard to heal because their traumas have become apart of their identity, a sense of who they are. When taken away the person has no sense of self so they hold on to their traumas. Letting go and healing was the best thing I could have done for my life and its the best thing you can do for yours.

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