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Get rid of hospital phobia for good

Get rid of hospital phobia for good . When it comes to western I have a Bit of hospital phobia. Although I am a die hard wholistic, natural remedy type of lady I do understand the need for western medicine. When using natural remedies it is a longer process of healing because we have to find the root cause. Secondly, it takes time to get the herbs in the system so they can begin to do what they do. There is however, situations that have gotten to far gone and natural remedies will not work quick enough. At the point which western medicine can help.

Today I had a visit to the ER at North Side Hospital. I have had this ear infection for about 4 days and at this point my natural Remedies were not working. It was getting worst I’ve use the drops of olive oil, probiotics, garlic clove oil. The fact of the matter is that I waited to late to administer natural remedies. Now, as a person that doesn’t fool with the hospital here I was sitting amongst the sick.

The line

So I’m here in a place I almost despise and I’m in need of some help ( go figure). So I’m next in line and there sits these two bubbly intake ladies. The first one proceeds to ask me the problem so of I tell her about this awful ear ache. As I’m handing over my Id the other lady ask if there are any medication, prior surgeries, drink,smoke, depression, children etc.. Now I answered no to all except the children part and she replies “That’s a lot of no’s.” Now, me being already not to thrilled I’m here in the first place felt a kind of way by her statement.


I proceeded to sit down and I couldn’t help but to wonder mentally. What I am about to tell you is an example of what I always teach. So this is the point where you must check and control you thoughts and I’m getting ready to tell you why. A lot of times when you hate something or feel a way it is a derivative fear. Fear being that unwanted negative vibration. For a moment my mind wondered and I was thinking all sorts of negative things. Then I realized the intake lady’s comment was my trigger.

When I say my mind when left, my mind went all the way left. Now I’m thinking what if they give me something or use me as a case study? I had to check my self and ask myself “ Girl what in the world are you doing?

Are these the things you wish to manifest for yourself? Is this what you are really wanting ? If not then why are you thinking of such? These were all questions I had to ask myself . And then it hit me,girl!! You are in control of your life and nobody gives you nothing you are not only protected by the gods but you are one. So one by one I stare red disconnecting the feelings from the thoughts. Until I no longer connected with those fears.

Get rid of hospital phobia for good

Spiritual growth is a never ending journey you, your body,mind, and spirit will forever grow as long as you are breathing. So like me you may find yourself in situation where you have to activate the master mind. The Master Mind is the mind that is aware of what you should and should not be thinking and it is the mind that I used to rid myself of the negative thoughts.

By the time I was called back to a room I was in my right mind only creating and allowing wheat I really wanted and the was to rid myself of this ear infection. When the doctor came in he took one look and said “ I see fluid.” He gave me why I came for and I was on my way home. As for my Hospital phobia I do overstand that the intakes lady’s comment acted as a trigger activating a program that I didn’t know existed in the sub-concious I didn’t know It existed and it is now time for me to get rid of that program.

To rid yourself if any type of phobia you must first recognize it exist and sometimes if you don’t catch it in the moment it can slip right by you. Pay attention to yourself when you see a negative thought or a thought of something that you are not wanting and check yourself. From there you will be able to find the root. But you ain’t heard it from me cause, I ain’t the one to gossip! also check out Reiki in Hospitals.

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