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Finding your true Self: The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse original definition literally making and uncovering of or disclosure of knowledge or revelation. in religious context it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, ” a vision of heavenly secrets that makes since of earthy realities. Let’s explore the unveiling of self taking or pulling pack the covering or simply just opening up the all seeing eye. I get ask this question all the time “How did you find your self?” I was never lost, neither are you, You are right there you are just not looking with the right eye. Is Health Wealth? Health -Vs- Wealth

The Seeking

Let’s start by saying black is a color not a culture and because most of us have no cultural connection naturally we have ben told all the lies about who we are or where we are from it makes it difficult for us to connect to our true self. But put your worries to the side because at the end of the day we are Spiritual beings having an human experience and when you can grasp this then the journey to seeking self isn’t defined upon the land you were born or stolen from or not stolen. If you seek within yourself you ae able to uncover the true you.

The Apocalypse

How is this done? When the student is ready the teacher will come. This step isn’t as complicated it may feel. All this requires is for you to pay yourself some attention and tune everything out. Meditation is a very good way to accomplish this ( please refer to my previous post candle light meditation).

The reason meditation is an amazing way to start this journey is because it quiets the mind down and all the previous thoughts begin to be still and the true self begins to surface. You will see proof of this after the first few times after meditation. If you pay close attention to yourself you will notice things about yourself that you never knew before. Give it time and your Divine Major and Minor Purpose will reveal itself. At that pivotal moment, you would have not only discovered who you are. You will realize that you have been there all along.

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