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Find It and Mind It/ Your Truth

Find It and Mind It: Today I was sitting back scrolling on instagram, I know,I know my stories these days seem to always start with scrolling down instagram. Well, as i scrolled I noticed that each page one after the other was looking familair. Instgram is one of my major platforms where I have the most engagment so I am on there alot. Most of my readers and loyal customers come from there so i’m there alot. But as I’m scrolling, each and evey page had something very unusual in common. Memoirs of a Side chick

Now, as I’m reading different post I noticed that every post was about what soemone thought about what someone else was doing, or had on , or the way they delivered a message, if they were even qualified to expresses themelves. Now, let’s be clear on how formulation of an opinion comes about.

The topic must be something that the veiwer is very connected or interested in, once the interest is established then you have to put alot of thought into formulating your opinion. Formulating an opinion consist of having an internal argument with yourself, a mental debate, so to speak.

This means looking at all sides of the issue, pro and con. This takes up alot of time and mental disecting. Not to mention you may take it a step further and go do some research on the matter to see what experts may have to say. Let’s be clear on what an Opinion is, according to Google it’s a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Meaning it is soley your truth and can’t anyone tell you its wrong.

The problem I find in this opinion having issue is that no one these days seem to be ok with the other persons opinion unless it’s in agreement with theirs and i find this problamatic and also weird. Problemtaic, because now you have people spending so much time analyzing what and how others are doing something that they neglect themselves in the process.

Weird, because everybody wants the other person to be or do something that they haven’t done or wont do. Others are so semotionally investing in other business that ita hard foe them to find their own and mind it. So emotionally connected to the next persons truth that you get completely bent out of shape and it begins to consume their day,mental,space.

Find IT and Mind It

We live in world where it’s hard to be the indiviual creative you were born to be, with so much pressure on who everyone says you should be makes it difficult for you to find your own truth and stick to it. You can put two people in the same envirnment and they come out with two different truths about their experience, this happens often with sibling growing up in the same house hold and having diiferent truth about what growing up was like.

The reasoan it’s not heathly to get emotionaly attached to anothes truth is because you expell all this energy and get worked up about something that more than likely you have no power to change. So instead of trying to force others to change their truth, find yours and mind yours.  Find what truth for you looks like and stand firm on that, your truth may change as you grow and expeience but that’s okay It’s the beauty of life.

But, when you do find what truth looks like for you just know that It’s okay when others don’t agree with your truth and it’s okay for you not to agree with theirs. Your reality is soley yours, and thiers is theres. Allow people to be free just as you desire to be.

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