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Financial Freedom And The Chakras

keys to Financial freedom? As long as you do what you are spiritually called to do, you’ll make money. Making and managing money is simply doing what matters most to you, and then the money that matters is energized to you. Your Chakras and their corresponding auric fields hold the “energetic genetics” of your spiritual purpose, basic nature, intuitive skills, value system, workplace focus, decision-making style, money making and money management style, and much much more. BY accessing and analyzing your own energy system, you can determine your basic nature and therefore your personal key to abundance. Being A Product Of Your Environment

keys to Financial freedom

One of the best ways to uncover this energetic information is to figure out your strongest and most developed energy center. This can be done by having a Reiki Therapist give you a Reiki assessment and treatment. The chakras will display your weakness along with your strengths. Getting rid of blockages will give you the ability to see what chakra leads you. What your chakra personality type is. You will always have a chakra or chakras that are stronger than others even when the system is aligned.

Let’s talk about your divine major purpose which can also be found after indulging in your energy centers. Once you have located your strongest chakra you must learn everything about it. The next step will be the most important one of all the steps. It is the step that most people shy away from but it is the only one to guarantee you financial success.

The Chakras

Now once the chakras have revealed to you your strongest energy center you must begin the work. And that is reprogramming everything you think you might know, cause let’s face it you wouldn’t be here reading if what you already knew was working. The goal here is to lift the vibration of your complete being and reprogram the Subconscious to that it is in alignmnet with your conscious mind. The reason this alignment is important is that your subconscious and your conscious are more than likely manifesting two different th

ings. But keep in mind that the subconscious is far more powerful than the conscious mind and that’s why it is the one that needs to be reprogrammed. Once this alliance between the two conscious minds happens then the manifesting process will be solid and abundance will be as easy as pie.

The chakras hold the keys to Financial freedom to your entire being and by you examining them you will unlock the door to your divine success.

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