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Decluttering Your Home Will Declutter Your Mind

Declutter? I’ve never been much of an organizer until I started to take my life seriously. I was more of a scatterbrain and my home space reflected it. Nothing in my house was or even had a proper place. My thoughts were the same. There was no organization to my thoughts so it was extremely hard for me to focus or even complete tasks. Never in a million years did I even think that my home space was connected to my mental space. Until I began to understand that your home is a reflection of who you are. A lady once said to me, “Show me your home and I can tell you who you are.”

I want you to take a moment to look around your home. Is it reflecting who you are? If you looked around and said no this isn’t me then more than likely you are in denial of the person you are at this moment. Your home may not reflect who you want to be, but it will definalty tell me who you are right now. You are connected to the space in which you live.

Your Mental Reflection

As mentioned before your home is a reflection of your mental space and vice versa. This space connection can affect you even when you are not home. You wanna know why you feel all over the place? Take a look at your home 9 out of 10 everything is all out of place there. Organizing your home will help you have a more productive week. It will help you to establish a routine. and a good routine leads to maintaining organization. Before we can get to organizanizing we must first declutter.

The Importance of Declutter

Before we can talk organization we must talk declutter. Decluttering will remove all the unnecessary things that are lingering around in your home and your head. Energy is always present. When you declutter your home you are removing the things and the energy that you no longer need. I use to keep a bag full of old papers like bills, hospital papers, all types of stuff. Not realizing that even papers have certain energy attached to them. Like keeping old past due bills around only brings more past due bills. Blocking the energy for new energy and new thoughts to come. As you clear your home you also clear your mental attachment to those old things.

Just Do It

Go through your house do a room a day. Make 1 pile for things not used in 1 year or more. Make a second pile for things you must keep like ss cards, birth certificates, important documents, etc. The third pile will be of things you use frequently. Completely disregard pile one, It’s going to be hard and you will try to come up with reasons why you should keep some things. But trust me if you haven’t used them you won’t use them. I have a rule that I keep nothing in my house that I don’t use. It’s simply a waste of space. And can often be in the way of the things you actually need to use to come.

The second pile should be organized and put in the proper storage space for safety. Making it easy for you to find your important documents when you need them. Everything in pile three should be put in its proper place and if it doesn’t have one go out and buy one. If you’re into aesthetics like I am then every thing has to be in some sort of decorative space of its own.

Maintaining With A Routine

Creating a routine will help you stay organized and decluttered. Something as simple as making your bed every morning can be of great help. Routines help you in a lot of ways one being time management. Routines also help you on a mental level. It allows the space for you to focus and complete daily tasks. When you start to have everything clean cleared and in its proper place it will start to reflect in your mental space as well. When you wake up in the morning and everything is in its proper place and you start your routine you will begin to feel mentally organized and prepared for the day. Try it! This isn’t only relevant to your home but your work as well. =

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