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Day 9 of 365|Why Do You Care?

Today is day 9 of 365 and the desire to be is still running through you. The essence of the new year , new you is still so new. Taking advantage of this energy while it is fresh will give you the boost you need to take this year head on. But, if you bullshit you’ll miss the ride. Why Do You Care?

Breaking away from all the restraints that you have put on yourself will allow you to finally be able to fulfill this years resolution. Often times we allow the opinions of others to hold us back. the need to be validated hinders our growth. So I say this year when you find yourself stuck because you are worried about what someone will say ask yourself one question why do you care? No, really, why do you care? Why does it matter what poeple say about you? Especially when you are only doing what you desire to do.

Day 9 of 365

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Could it be because you have so much to say about others? see opinionated people are often the ones that worry most about what others have to think. they focus so much on what others are and are not doing that they miss their own bus. Judging others can stop your growth that’s why it’s important to find it and mind it, your own business that is. But how can judging stop your ability to grow? Let me tell you a little story

Nichole was in a very verbally abusive relationship and as much as Tracy loved her it was frustrating to watch nichole allow this to keep happeneing. Tracy had became upset and would say nichole is dumb for allowing a man to treat her in such a way. And how she would never allow that to happen to her, she would never put up with such mess.

Well just a few years later Tracy found herself in a simular but worst situation and didn’t have the power on her own to walk away from it. Tracy couldn’t tell anyone or even reach out to nichole for the remedy or advice she needed from someone who had experiance the same thing because she had talked so much shit about Nichole she was embarsed to admit it had happened to her.

Day 9 of 365

Moral of what I am saying is this you never know what can happen to you and you never know the challenges people face so before you give your opinion or begin to judge their situtation ask yourself why do I care? if you are not giving a healthy solution to the problem then worry about yourself. The less opions you give about others the less others opinions about you will matter. Thus allowing you to break free and live out the New Year, New You resolution you set out for yourself. But, you ain’t heard it from me cause I aint the one to Gossip!

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