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Creation To Materialization, The process of manifesting )

Materialization, I say this over and over again and will continue to say this till I’m blue in the face. Life will not be your genie in the bottle until you Delete All That Shit that is stopping your creation from materializing.

There is a process that takes place in the subconscious mind that can can stop or slow down your idea from materializing.

How To Get Your Idea Back On Track Materialization

Like I mentioned in the video above you must maintain the same vibration as when you originally created the idea. Any doubt any small inkling of hesitation will cause your manifestation to pause. This is because manifesting works by emotionally attaching to the idea. The moment there are doubts abut the idea you weaken the conned=ction between the thought and the emotion.

We all have off days, bad days. Sometimes we can even slow up a vibration by allowing someone else to change what we feel about our idea. No matter what the reason is for the disconnect you can always restore the connection. and unpause your manifestation.

One easy way to do it is to reconnect to the original feeling of the idea. You do this by pulling that energy into the now. Reconnecting the energy/thought to its original vibration. My advice to you and the thing that worked for me, is that once you create the idea just focus on the work. don’t get distracted with all the details like, when, where and how. Your only job is to focus on putting the energy in position into the idea

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