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Cosmic Habit Force

Comic Habit force: If your dominating mental habits are thoughts of poverty. Then the Cosmic Habit force will bring about poverty in your life. How To Plan To Win

Cosmic Habit Force

So how do you change your thought pattern? It first starts with cleansing and becoming in control of your emotions. Once you have gained control of your emotions the next step will be to sit for a while and thing of what it is you desire most imagine it feel it. Then write down what it would take to accomplish this write a plan a step by step plan rather it’s a daily plan or not start to align your actions with your thoughts. What ever you wrote read it every day until you become obsessed with it and you have memorized it never stop working on this plan. This process forces the cosmic habit force through repetition to intensifies it until it becomes your reality. Remember your thought are the only thing in this world you have total full control over and it’s time you start to control your life.

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