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Control Your thoughts & Your Destiny

Control, Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and asked, “Are you with me or against me?” If you answered no then you should. We are so quick to recognize when others are working against us that we fail to realize the majority of the time we are working against ourselves without even knowing it. So how do you put an end to this overlooked self-destruction?

Over the years I’ve realized one thing and that’s the importance of being in control of your thoughts. Each and every one of us has a thought process based on our experience (including past life). Being in control of your thoughts isn’t taken as serious as it should be. Your mind is the one thing that you have 100% control over, but it is the thing that you choose to control the least. To show you how important thoughts are I want you to take a minute and look around you.

No matter where you are or the space you’re standing in, when you look around you everything you see first started as a thought. Let’s say you were standing in the kitchen there is a stove, Refrigerator, microwave, counter/sink, and a dishwasher. What you are really looking at is someone’s thoughts. Each and every one of them items was created in the mind/s of someone before they materialized into the physical. This world and your existence is one big thought. So in order to control your Destiney you must first learn to control your thoughts.

Control Your Thoughts

We all like to think that we are in control of our own thoughts. But, if you pay close attention you would come to the realization that not only are you not in control but you don’t quite understand your thought process. In order to control your thoughts or be the master of your mind you must first understand the process that your thoughts take.

Your thought process is determined by your experience. Your thoughts develop a pattern based on the triggers that was created during your life’s journey. So, in order to control your thoughts you must journey within to understand your triggers and their origin.

How To Control Your Destiny

Manifesting has become a well-know thing. Everybody is busy manifesting (let them tell it.) Even though majority of the population don’t even understand what manifesting is and what is required to do so. Manifesting uses the power of thought in order to materialize. Rather it is fear or love manifesting relies on your thought process. Manifesting is the connection between your thoughts and emotions (energy in motion.) And the moment your emotions towards that thought changes it can cancel it out. This change usually occurs when you are having a negative thought about what you are trying to obtain. Once this happens it weakens the original thought eventually putting a stop to it.

The power of thought control is not limited to tangible items. Through controlling your thoughts you can manifest and create how you want to feel. Feelings are broken down to a particular vibration. The downer you feel the lower the vibration, just like the higher you feel the higher the vibration. Learning to manifest a feeling is important to maintaining a specific vibration level when it comes to manifesting.

The original vibration of the thought must not only at the least be maintained but elevated until materialization occurs. You have to closely monitor your thoughts and be in control of them in order to guarantee the maintenance\ of their vibration.

Thoughts and Destiny

We control our Destiny through our thought process as explained in the earlier paragraphs of this article. Our experience is based on the way we think, if you have a dominant negative thought process then that will keep you in that space and make it really hard for you to get that you want without extreme turbulence.

But if you learn the patterns of your thoughts you can strengthen your positive vibration and your thoughts can bring you what you want with no resistance. Discovering what triggers the negative thoughts that you have will give you the ability to learn to control them so that you can truly live the life you want. Stop working against yourself and work with yourself.

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