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Consistency is Key to success

Consistency is Key to success: So for about a year now i have been wanting to start a blog. It has been a thought in my mind with no action follow up that my friend is what i don’t want any of you to do. So i decided to practice what i have been preaching. Now the funny thing is that normally i am good at manifesting exactly what i want but when it came to this guess i didn’t want it bad enough till now. See the funny thing about manifesting is that you can imagine something all you want but if you lack confidence and consistency then all it will ever be is a mere thought. How do one get confidence well that comes from being sure of who you are and what you want and knowing that what ever you seek you can have.But don’t get caught up in the process stay focused i will explain what i mean.

Consistency is Key to success I hear people tell me (especially my friends who wanna do 7 things at once) oh Bill Gates or Donald Trump does 8 or 9 things you have to have money coming from everywhere. Well let’s back up a little bit if you already have billions of dollars then go ahead do your 7 or 8 things but if you don’t (which i’m pretty sure you don’t) then you must go back both guys and all billionaires or millionaires will say exactly what i am getting ready to say and that is find that one thing and focus on that till it pops freeing you up financially and mentally to dab ( face in arm) into the next thing and continue the pattern. Some just want that one thing and that’s OK the point i’m making is that you must become obsessively focused to reach the level of success you are desiring to reach. And in order to do that you must have actions after your thought (thoughts become things). So i am here taking my first action to a thought that has originated more than two years ago whoooo! Ninja we made it!

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