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Aligning Your Orgasms

Aligning Your Orgasms: When asking the average person about chakra alignment either there puzzled or inquisitive about the topic. Only hearing mumbles in passing conversations or reading flyby articles when time permits. However, asking women to describe an orgasmic experience tends to trigger a different response. Exactly! I’m sure I have your attention now. Some of us can produce detailed descriptions laying out the fine moments, events, and chapters of our orgasmic encounters. Now, I’m aware that there are quite a few women that have difficulty obtaining an orgasm and this relates to you as well. This article may serve as a point of reference for your orgasmic journey.

Aligning Your Orgasms

Starting with the basics, chakras is the Sanskrit word for disk, and is considered a place where the mind and body connect. Chakra alignment and orgasmic release go hand in hand by way of the root and sacral chakras. The root chakra is identified with the color red and sits at the base of your spine. This begins your alignments foundation. Root chakras regulate stability and security. Once this chakra is aligned it presents a energy of safety and being grounded. The alignment process cannot be completed unless the root is opened. Let’s put it this way, the rook chakra is the gateway for energy entering the body. The more work you put into aligning the root chakra, the more energy flows within the body intensifying your orgasm.

The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra and is identified by the color orange. It sits just a few inches below the navel which covers the genital area. Aligning this chakra serves as the beacon of passion, emotion, sexuality, and is motivated by pleasure. You are allowed to feel the world around you just by opening this chakra. This chakra is a haven for orgasmic behavior. Correlating your connection to your partner illuminates the charges of energy from the root chakra and sensual pleasures of the sacral chakra. It is like an orgasmic cocktail. Yes, Shaken and not stirred.

Depending on where you are within your spiritual journey can determine how quick and efficient you chakras alignment may be. Participating in yoga allows energy preservation and re-channeling. Let’s also not forget a simple connection with the Earth and walking barefoot outside to hug trees. To those new on this journey I can picture the side of imagining oneself hugging a tree just to have a orgasm, but it serves its purpose. Let me bring you this some relatable facts. Everything produces energy, as we know by law cannot be created nor destroyed as it is merely transferred from one object to the next. Connecting your energy to the Earth as in tree hugging transfers restorative powers within your body.

Collectively the alignment of the highly connected root and sacral chakras tie deep with ones sexual pleasures. Once aligned the channeling of energy allows for increased experiences and a more fulfilling orgasmic release. Be gentle with this yourself, your partner, the overall energy, and process as it can take time to perfect and master. Obtaining a toe curling, eyes rolling, sheets pulling, soul binding, orgasm is the ultimate end goal.

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