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A Open Letter To The Mothers

Read this letter to the mothers

Dear Mothers,

To all the mothers out there you must understand the very important role you play, your devine place in not just the childeren you bare but in the world as a whole. You are the start of the nation. NAtionality comes from you, you are the law maker of this plane and as Mothers (GODS) until we take back our rightfull place on the thrown we will always be in an unbalanced state. We must first heal ourselves so that we can heal the world. Yes, life happens and what about us you ask?

We are the only beings here that can transfere spirit into the physical form we are the true Gods. It is our responsibility that we love ourself first and unconditionally so that, that love then trickles over to our children. I say to the father we have not came from your rib but you from our Vagina. We are the creators, the love givers.

We are the only ones that can heal this place we call earth. I urge all the mothers to heal themselves start their journey to healing now, we need you, I need you, you need you. We are interconnected to each other as well as every living being in this time and space and we are the only ones who have the ability to heal them but we must first heal ourselves. Why Spiritual Services Are So Expensive

Letter To The Mothers

My oldest child has always felt like the world and everybody in it was against him and for a long time i didn’t understand where he got that from. He has never been subject to any trauma that i could recall. It wasn’t until I went on my own healing journey that it dawned on me. I gave that to him, being 17 and pregant in 1996 was very tough everyone was telling me how I wasn’t gone make it.

How I should have got an abortion. I felt as though the entire world including my friends were against me. In this moment of discovery it dawned on me that wow, I gave him these emotions and they had  preprogramed into his sunconcious and would later be the emotions that ruled over him the most.

There is a dark hole in the soul of a child rejected by it’s mother. What is there to believe in when god don’t want you…….Hmmmmm I feel for the mothersless child. . The first God, the first teacher, the first critic but most importantly the first real experince of love or hate comes from the Mother (God). From the time of conception after the sperm makes it to the egg and i use the term make It because the sperm must fight to make it to the egg.

The reason is the womans body is designed to fight off anything that is unatural to the body, it veiws sperm as an enemy (this was not our natural way of creating life) but that’s another blog. When the sperm connects with the egg it brings a spark of energy and that spark is know as Zinc. Some say the bigger the spark the healthier the baby.

From the time of conception the now fertilized egg is subjsect to all the energy mommy is around. The way she feels about herself, her life and all the things and people in it connects to the development of baby. Now im breaking this all the way down because I want you to get the just of what I am saying.

A Mothers Connection

As Mom (God) is caring baby in the darkness (the womb) at 360 degrees baby is going through the 7 stages of life which will be completed upon birth. An example of the 7 Stages of life can be refered to the stages of development of the chakra system. As each stage approaches the energy that Mom (God) allows baby to be subject to can either bring balance in these stages or bring imbalance in them. What I am doing is walking you through the process so you can understand my truth.

When baby arrives in this time and space who they will be, is  totally influened by what mom projects out. Yes Dad is there and he plays a part but a child without a mom is far more most than a child without a dad.  Now if you were  offended by that last statement then that’s your truth. But The Mother, The woman, was and is the first God to every living being in this time and space. We are taught love and acceptance as well as hate an neglect first from mom.

The mother has the biggest influence on how that child recieves and gives love to themsleves as well as others. Mom (God) has a maternal connection to that child that is why we as mothers can always scense when there is something wrong with the child because we can feel it in the womb area. This letter to the mothers is the connection of all mothers with GOD.

Once I started to heal myself and own up and take responsibility for the major part I play in my childs Life as he grows and adds his own personal experience to what I have already tranfered to him a conversation needed to happen and it was very deep an intense but I was now in a space to project healing on to my Boy. I must admit he has, we have been right ever since. I have had to first heal on a personal level.


To my mothers if you wish to seek healing for yourself so that you can heal your family email me and i will be more than pleased to assit as your vessel on this journey. The time is now we are the only ones that can help! But you ain’t heard it from me cause, I AIN’T THE ONE TO GOSSIP!

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