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5 Easy Steps To Self Publish Your Book

The 5 easy steps to self publish your book I So I had an idea, I wanted too write a book but I knew nothing about writing a book. I googled a gang of things but it was like they only tell you a little then want you to purchase the rest. I made a promise that when this process was over I would share my experience. Yeah I know I could throw up an ebook call it “How To Self Publish” and make a quick buck, But why? Iwent through it so that you wouldn’t have to. Consider this my tithing, my 10 percent back to the world. I’m here to give you 5 easy steps that wasn’t so easy for me. 

I’ve faced all types if unexpected set backs that no other blog warned me about. I’m here to give it all to you raw and uncut. The hardest part about writing my book was actually writing. It took me 2 months to actually get started. One of the main reasons it took me two months to start was I’ve never wrote a book. I didn’t know where to start.

Before You Get Started

I had’nt even begun to think about book size which is very important to know before you start writing. But again nobody told me that, A freind of mine told me about diggypodit is a self- publishing site. gives free downloadable templetes for every book size I was excited to have been told about this site.What Does It TAke ?

So now that I have the template for the book size how do I start? There are a lot of blogs that mention writing out a draft first and naming the chapters last. For me it was easier to know how many chapters I wanted to have in the book before hand. It was easier for me to have each chapter named because it served as my guidline to the information I was to write in it.

Before we get to the next step let me say this back your book draft up to the cloud. I didn’t do this and on the last chapter of my book my computer crashed and my data was los. I boo hoo cried for 2 days, as a writer you write from that moment. The energy in motion of that particular second is where the magic happens and once your out of that space it’s impossible to recreate those words in that order again.

Your Almost There

Self Publish

Self Publish

Now your book needs to be edited. It’s never a good idea to edit your own work because someone else can see what your eyes have missed. Sometimes we read what we writen and not what is actually on the paper. Now, I went through two editors before I found the perfect one. It is important to have an editor that understand what your writing and who your writing to.

It’s also important for the editor to be familiar with your voice how you talk, if not the editor may remove your voice and insert theirs. I only wanted my editor to to check for gramical erros. Fiverris a grwat place to get affordable editor. But I must tell you to make sure they understand not english but american english there is a differeance. 

This was my first book and I wanted to be involved with every aspect of this book. It is my baby and I just wanted to experience the process. Don’t do what I did and wait to the last minute to get your cover created. The cover will be your selling point. It is the cover that intrigues a person to pick up a book it is what sparks the potential buyers interest.

Now when it comes to printing the cheapest way out is amazon Kdp publishing you can upload your book for free and sell with royalties. So basically it’s free up front and you can also wholesale from amazon. The problem most people are not aware of is if amazon has your book for sell for $14.99 and I buy your book I can then resell it for $8.00 dollars on the amazon platform. So find you a good printing company and pay out of pocket it will be worth it in the end.

Once you’ve written the book and you’ve gotten it edited and cover is being made then you are ready to purchase your ISBN number and barcode. Now you only need one ISBN per format so physical copies of your book will need it’s own and digital copies will need thie own. You may find alot of companies that offer you a speacial price to get thid number but I’m here to tel you this number only cost 75.00 and you can get it from ISBNyou can also get your bargode forn the same site.

5 easy steps to self publish your book

  1. Start Writing

  2. Editing/Formatting

  3. Cover Design

  4. Buy ISBN number/ Barcode

  5. Print!

Once you have the physical copy you are officially a self published author. it is now time to start preparing for marketing, promoting, and selling getting your name out there and spead the word about your book. But, I aint the one to gossip.

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